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facebook pixel insertHere is the Article for how your Pixel insert works: http://julesjager.com/facebookpixelinserter/

NEW Facebook pixel. 

  1. Video: My Colleage Jay Williams explains the NEW Facebook pixel.  The New Facebook Conversion Pixel has caused a lot of confusion. This tutorial replaces the old Facebook conversion tracking pixel tutorial. - The Plugin: Facebook insert is good for pageviews only! If you want to track specific actions this one will help ou:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/oh-add-script-header-footer/

With that free Plugin you can put individual code on each site.

Old Pixel

 2. Video: Tod Maffin, then gives an short 8 minutes overview on how the old Pixel worked a year ago.

Setting up your Facebook pixel isn't as difficult as it sounds. Here's a quick tutorial on WHY you'd want to put a pixel on your web site, and HOW to do it.
To understand how it works, we need to get a bit geeky. You’ll need to place the code for this Facebook pixel on your web site. You can get the code for your own Facebook ad account at facebook.com/ads/manager/pixel/ (click Actions, then View Pixel Code). Then, place this code on every page of your web site. - EASY with your facebook pixel insert plugin.