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 “Law of Association” Interviewing the Guru

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Interview and Package

 When it comes to product creation, many people struggle with the process and it can take up to several weeks or more just to create a simple product for their online home based business.

law of Association with an interviewA great way of creating a quality product quickly is to interview an expert in your niche and then package it up as a product.

Creating an interview product is definitely one of the easiest and fastest ways of creating a high quality product which will benefit you and your online business.

By doing a series of interviews with the experts in your Niche, it will help you create a great product in its own right, or add additional value to any product you create.


Giving Credit Where Credit is Due!

I believe that when you are sharing information that did not originate from you that you need to give credit to the proper expert.

After you are done with this section you should have the confidence to at least give it a try.

Why Do An Interview?

 A better question to ask is probably, why haven’t you, done an interview yet!  The benefits of doing an interview are tremendous to say the least.

I have seen many great ebooks written and sold with little results for the product creator.  I have also seen ebooks put together in a package that contained several good interviews with the experts to add extra value to the product overall result in 6 figure product launches.

The biggest benefits of doing interviews are:

  • They are credibility Builders
  • Establish you as an authority Figure
  • Simple Form Of Product Creation
  • Very Profitable
  • An interview is the golden key to opening doors
  • It is a fast way to create informational products
  • Leverage traffic from the experts
  • Expert by application
  • Powerful interactive format

You need to know that limited expertise equals limited income.

Now don’t get me wrong because I am not telling you that you will not profit at all if you have limited expertise in your Niche.  This can’t be farther from the actual truth in this business.

The number ONE mistake most newbies make – They think that THEY have to be an expert or guru in order to sell good, high-value information products… and they could not be more wrong.

What people really want is credible information based on expertise and experience – But YOU don’t have to be the person who has all that!

The experts are out there – Get hold of them.  Ask them the questions and you sell the answers.

What you’re about to discover in this chapter is how to use other people’s skills, reputation and time to leverage yourself from zero to hero in any niche market..

  • Overcome your “FEAR and AWE” of Gurus
  • Stop struggling to get recognition in your market….
  • Start capitalizing on the expertise of others

    Just a Few Facts to Think On before we get started are:

FACT 1 – It’s easier to work with established leaders or gurus, than to work against them and try to beat them at their own game.

FACT 2 – When people associate you with other gurus, you are branded as a guru too even though you may be a complete newbie.

FACT 3 – Once you’ve been branded as an expert or a “guru,” people are willing to pay through their noses to do business with you.

I am not sure about you but I like those facts, especially number 3.

"Law of Association” Expert by Association

 Interview with Napoleon HillTo get rich and famous fast, associate yourself with people who are ALREADY rich and famous.

If you associate yourself with a guru (someone successful) you’re also seen as someone equally successful.


If you’re seen with rich and powerful people, you instantly also become rich and powerful – It’s a fact of life!

Now you will want to choose wisely when choosing someone to do an interview with.  When you choose to associate yourself with someone, you are perceived to be similar/alike to that person in both positive and negative ways.

If that person is seen in a negative light, chances are that you may be seen in the same light.

No matter what market you’re in, if you can convince the top experts and big names to work with you and brand yourself by leveraging on their expertise, contacts and reputation, you will make more money faster than all your competitors.

You need to understand the “Law of Association” and Its Power

Napoleon Hill romanced and interviewed the richest people of his decade, turning himself into an expert almost overnight with his book “Think and Grow Rich” – yet Napoleon himself wasn’t rich until he published his book!

Guess what!  No one cared that Napoleon Hill wasn’t rich; all they understood was that since he had access to the richest and most powerful men of his time, then he himself must be rich and powerful!

The same will work for you.  People do not care how they get the help they need.  They just care that they get it.  If you provide them with the help that they need you will be seen as the expert in their eyes even if the information you provide is not delivered in your own words.

When you watch a news show do you care that the News reporter in most cases really knew nothing about the topic they were reporting on?  What do you really care about?  What you want to know is the information that the expert has to share.  But you see the news reporter in the same light as the expert.  If done correctly you will become the expert by association.

Why Learn How to Do Interviews Correctly?

 The best answer I have to this question is this:  Doors will become closed to you if you don’t come across as knowing what you are doing! 

Most experts that do interviews with you are doing them to get their name or brand out even more than it is already. 

If you continue to put out one bad interview after another one thing you can be sure of is that the expert by association well will dry up fast.  The experts will not want to be continued to be seen in the bad light or associated with the interviews that are done poorly.

They will be forgiving for only a limited time before they begin to turn the interviews down that you are asking them to do.

Learning to do them correctly is very important for you as well.

Remember you are being associated with the expert through the interview.  Your credibility is at stake as well.

So let’s learn how to do them the correct way right from the beginning.

Interview Flow Process

 There is a basic flow process or system that an interview is done.

Most of it is very simple to follow.  Some of it may take just a little time but with dedication and persistence on your part it will pay off with a huge return on your investment of time.

  • Select your topic or niche
  • Find the experts
  • Research the experts
  • Contact the experts
  • Follow up and set up interview
  • Do the interview

#1 Skill of an Interviewer:


It is very important to let you know this point right from the beginning before we get into the interview process.

If you learn to listen while doing an interview you will come out on the other end with a higher quality content filled interview.

There is nothing more embarrassing than to ask a question to the person that you are interviewing that he or she just answered.

You will learn the listening part very quickly as I did.

I remember the very first interview I did for my product.  I was so ready for this interview and besides my nerves I was confident that I would at least get some great content.

I started the interview by introducing the expert I was interviewing and then ask her if she had anything she would like to add to the introduction that I may have missed that she wanted the viewing audience to know.

She thanked me for having her and then proceeded to answer the questions I had written up and setting on my lap one by one.

I began to panic and wonder what I was to do if she stopped.  I also realized she was answering each question with very minimal content and I was about to end up with a 10 minute interview instead of the 45 minutes to an hour I was instructed to get by my mentor.

But then I remembered the one most important thing I was taught and the most important thing I could have remembered at that very moment.

Listen to the person you are interviewing.

I began to listen to every single word that was coming out of her mouth and I was able to start formulating questions from what she was saying.

After all I was new at this myself.  I had questions in my own mind.  Things I didn’t really understand from what she was saying my-self.  I decided if I didn’t know the answer, that chances are that neither was my viewing audience, especially if they were new like I was.

I was able to go back and ask her if we could go back and explore something she had said a little earlier and look into it a little deeper.

We did this and over and over I was able to amaze myself and formulate brand new questions that I would never have been able to ask if I would have not stopped and just listened.

Finding the Experts & Traits of Experts to Look For

 Finding the experts really is not as hard as most may think it is.  The experts are out there and you will find that if you can give them a good benefit laden reason for them to do the interview that most will jump at the chance to get their name out even more.

After all you will be bragging them up during the interview and who doesn’t like to be lifted up by the great things you will be saying about them during the interview.

Trust me if you can’t think of something great to say about the expert you are interviewing, the expert will find the words to say himself.

Here is a list of the things you need to be looking for in the experts that you are looking to interview.

They should meet or at least have several of the below qualities to make sure that you and your audience get the greatest benefit from doing the interviews.

  • Own Products-Make sure you are interviewing those with their own products. Having their own products lends credibility to the one you are interviewing and lifts them up to expert status.
  • Have a list-Look for those that have list that you can leverage. This will be a great way for you to begin to list build yourself.  It also is a place for you to get traffic to your product when launched.  You will find that most of the experts will want to get the interview out for others to hear how great they are.  So make sure you are looking for those with lists that are also willing to promote the interview out to their list when it is time to launch your product.
  • Credibility and are Authority Figures (Star Power)-Look for those with the greatest star power you can. You will find these stars very easily as they will be everywhere you look when you begin to search.  These are the ones that the market has named the big gurus.  The ones that everyone is following around in awe of.  Chances are you already know who they are in your Niche unless you are just starting out and have not begun to explore your Niche.
  • Proven Results-Make sure that the results that your experts are claiming can be proven. This lends more to their credibility and to the credibility of what you are passing on through the interview.

Where to Find the Experts

Now it is time to go looking for the experts.  You will find them lurking around everywhere.  They are not hard to find.

Here are just a few good suggestions of places to begin your search. The easiest place to begin with is right at your search bar.  It is time to hit up Google.

  • Google or search engine strategy

    Open up Google and type in your niche keyword. Google will search for other Internet marketers and businesses that are in your niche.  Use www.whois.net to look up domain names to get contact info if not on website.

  • Article Directories

    Find contact information in the resource box and contact the article’s author. I would go right to places like ezinearticles.com to begin the search.

Looking for experts here will help you in a couple ways.  First you have an opportunity to look over some of the content they are providing already by looking over the articles they are writing.  You also can follow those that you may want to interview right to their websites to see if they are list building.

You will do this by clicking on the links in their resource boxes and following the link to see if it ends up on a squeeze page.  Now this just tells you that they are indeed making efforts to grow a list.  It does not tell you how big the list actually is.

  • Forums, Blogs

    Forums and blogs are two great places to look for experts. You will also notice the experts with the star power.  You will notice the big experts will be right there trying to shin in the forums as they try and show off their expertise and credibility by helping everyone and commenting to every post within the forum.

Blogs are also a great place as well as you can look to see what kind of content they are providing and what kind of things people are saying about them through the comments left on the blog.

The comments are also a great place to look for the experts as you will notice the experts will leave comments directing others back to their blog through links they are leaving.  Go ahead and follow the link trails to see where you end up at.

Also be looking to see that blogs are set up to list build as well with a place for you to leave your name and email.  Go ahead and enter in your information to begin spying on them to find out the things they are doing.  Remember these are also your potential competition that you are competing against. 

  • Testimonials from sales pages.

Experts leave clues everywhere.  Testimonials will be given to other competitor’s products that are nothing more than a calling card saying here I am.

Sales pages you find will leave clues and usually the contact information you need to be able to get in touch with the expert. 

  • Attend Live Seminar Events

    There is no better way to form relationships than the Face-To-Face meeting…. This is where real interviews take place. How much harder do you find telling someone the word NO when they are standing right in front of you?  The same goes for those you want to interview that you will meet at the events.

Be prepared to do the interview right on the spot in many cases when you ask as the expert maybe on his way to another event or back to his family instead of hanging around for the weekend.

Go to the event prepared to ask the experts to you have chosen to seek out for your interviews.

You will find that almost all events will be advertising long before the event, and using the credibility of the experts that will be there as a way to entice you to show up in the first place.  They will name all of the experts and usually a short BIO for each of the experts that will be attending the event.  You will find this to be especially true of those speaking at the events you are attending.

You also have a BIO already prepared ready to use.  Some of the research has already been done for you.

Be prepared to set down and do a live face to face interview.  Go off to your room or a quiet place and grab yourself some great content from the experts through the use of interviews.

  • Become an Affiliate for their products (ClickBank, Paydotcom)

You will find that signing up as an affiliate to the expert’s products will have a couple benefits.  This allows you to get to know the expert and his or her products.   Remember to take every opportunity to research the competition.  By looking at the products you can see what type of products the competition is offering and what methods of delivery they are using to deliver the content and what holes they are leaving unfilled that you may be able to fill yourself.

 It is also a trail to their contact information.  Once you are signed up as an affiliate you will find yourself being contacted by the product owner welcoming you to their affiliate program.  Usually they will end the email by offering their contact information or to their affiliate manager in order to contact them if you have any questions at all.

You can take this to a higher level by promoting their products and actually getting results and getting noticed on their radar as a potential JV partner.

Of course I understand that this is a difficult task if you are just starting out so just getting signed up and looking for the contact information is the main task at hand.

  • Ask the experts for recommendations

    After you have contact your expert to interview and have gotten a yes or even a no from the experts make sure you ask if they can supply you with any other name they feel would be a good match to the product you are creating to interview.

Many times the one you are pursuing will give you a no because of their time schedule but they will volunteer a name or two that you may contact instead.

  • Pay attention to the publications and any other media you may keep track of in your market Niche.

Specifically those who you find that quoted when articles or blog posts are written about your Niche. These are already recognized market authorities. Excellent to approach for an interview

    • Use social media tools to spread the word that you seek an expert.
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin


  • Amazon.com
    Check out the authors of the top selling books in your Niche especially of new books as the authors will be keen to promote them and will be used to giving interviews.
  • Press releases

You will find that press releases are also a great place to look for the experts within your Niche.  Many experts know that press releases are great for generating traffic to their sites and will use them on a regular basis.  They also will usually be promoting or talking about something newsworthy that is going on with the expert. 

This allows you to find more content to use for the interview and to help you formulate questions for the interview.prweb.com is one of the best.  Press releases are ready-made list of people who actively want publicity.

Remember you are looking for the credibility that the expert offers when you are doing your searches.  When you find a potential expert do a search on Google and see what comes up.  Look for their credibility!


Research the Potential Expert You Want to Interview (Do Your Homework)

Don’t go to somebody when you don’t know the first thing about them.  

The person you approach to do an interview with wants to know you’ve done a little homework. 

So do your research on the people you want to do interviews with.  It’s absolutely critical.

  • Google search for Experts BIO’s
  • Research Experts products
  • Look for social media profiles
  • Check Experts blogs
  • Check Sales pages
  • Sign up for their free products
  • Read their books & listen to their CD’s

So what are you really looking for?  You are looking for anything that will help you get to know the expert you want to approach.

Remember the expert is your potential competition as well and you are doing research to see how you can best compliment the expert and what they are already doing.  Your looking to see what you can do different than what is already being offered, or what you can do better.

You are looking for any information you can find on the expert including; birthdays, anniversaries, names of family members, websites, products they offer, formats they use to offer their products to the market, information you can use to formulate questions, and most importantly looking to see if they are indeed a great match for your target market and that they have credibility.

The Approach

  • Make sure you’re approaching the right experts with the right target market that matches your message and your offer.
  • When the expert asks you why you want to do an interview with him or her, make sure you have a good reason.
    • Give details on the subject and focus of the interview
    • Where, when, and how will the interview be conducted
  • Once again show how it will “BENEFIT” everyone involved – you, the expert, and the audience.
  • Treat them with respect and you'll get a far better and more interesting result

The approach is very important to your success, especially the way you approach the bigwigs, the big list owners and the big names out there. 

The approach must be ‘you-oriented’.  You know, “How can I help you?”  It has to be something that’s beneficial to them.

Right now you are probably wondering what you may have to offer of value to some big guru out there that has been doing this forever.

I can tell you right now from experience that everyone is looking for a way to save them money and to also save them time.  Saving them time is probably the most important benefit you can offer them.

Maybe you can do things like edit their writings, maybe you can write articles, write and submit press releases, create videos to submit to YouTube to help the expert drive traffic, help with support, moderate their forums, write blog posts.

The list goes on and on of the things that you could possibly do for those that you want to receive something from in return.  But remember your approach is not expecting a return approach.

Remember this one thing…YOU NEED THEM…THEY DON’T NEED YOU!

Build a real relationship before the approach.  Get to know your expert and let them get to know who you are.  Understand that there will be times that this may not be possible to achieve.  There are times you will meet someone and you will need to be ready to go when the opportunity presents itself.  Always strike when the iron is hot.  Procrastination through things like fear of approaching the guru or fear of failing to do a quality interview, or self-doubt in your-self will lead to not getting the interview at all.

This will lead you to one place… the same place you are right now!  My guess is that you would like to get out of that place and begin to move forward?

Wrong approach:  Cold email with generic canned request.

“Hey this is so and so and I’m interviewing some of the top experts in your field for a product that I am creating called ‘How to succeed at making money online as a beginner.’ Since you’re so successful, I would really love to include an interview of you in my product.”

“I am really confident that this product is going to be a HUGE HIT, so you’ll get a ton of FREE exposure from doing this interview.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you can do this interview with me.

Thank You

Your name

Expert’s response… “DELETE!”

Approach 2…Better Approach:

Sincere email to your potential interviewee that simply thanks them for what they do.  Do not be vague make sure you are very specific.

“Hello Expert this is so and so and I am on your list and I have bought many of your products.  (Name them)

I would like to take this time to personally thank you for what you are doing and for the help you have provided me through your products.

(specifically tell them how they have helped)

What I like most about the product is the fact that it …….

(You will want to specifically tell them what you liked in detail)

Again thank you!

Expert’s response…Reply Back


Types of Interviews You Can Do

Written Interview

Email questions to Expert and they reply with an answer back.   I really am not going to go into this method much at all because I want to discourage you from using this method unless it is your only choice or if this is the method the expert chooses.

By using this method you lose one of the most important elements of the interview.  You lose the dynamic of an actual conversation between you and the one you are interviewing

You lose the possibility of the follow-up to the questions you get back.  What you get back may be the only response you get to get content from the questions you asked.

You also do not have the opportunity to use you listening skills to develop further on the spot questions that will lead to great content.

Like I said, “if this is the only way then go for it, or make the decision to further your search for another expert.

Recorded Interview

This is the next best way if you can’t get a live, face-to-face interview on camera.

This is probably the most used form of interviews there is.  It is easier to just get on the phone and hold the interview and then go on about your day.

The benefits of doing these recorded interviews is that you still have the audio and can add visuals to it later such as pictures of yourself and the person being interviewed, graphs and charts, etc.

You can have it transcribed into text for an e-book.

You can use any call service that has a recording device, such as:

  • com
  • Talkshoe
  • Skype
  • com
  • com

Just do a Google search for Free conferencing services and you will find many options to use for your interview.

While doing the actual interview another good skill to develop is to learn how to recognize different tones in the interviewee’s voice, such as excitement.  When you hear the excitement in the person’s voice you will know you are on a topic that has the possibility of providing more great content than you ever expected.  This is excitement will also be heard by those listening to the interview. 

You will also be able to tell when you have found a place that may be a little uncomfortable for the one you are interviewing.  This allows you to pursue with caution or to change directions if needed.

Face to Face – The Best Way to Do an Interview

This is by far the best way to do your interview.  The benefits are so much greater for you and your target audience.  You want to become the expert by association and what a better way than to be seen with those who are looked at as the experts already.

If you have the face to face video, you can strip out the audio to use with mp3 or you can have audio put into text.  You have the visual, the audio, and the text version of delivering the content gathered from the interview.

Face to face interviews allow your audience to connect to you, and you can do a better job of drawing them into the interview with you to make them feel they are a part of the interview.

Face to face interviews allow you to also analyze body language during the interview.  This is taking it a step farther than just analyzing the tones of the voice.  This allows you to see when the person you are interviewing gets excited or nervous.  Not only listening to the person but also watching the body language will allow you to really have a great interview.  Some information does not show in the answers, but in the body language…. If the interviewer wants to go beyond the surface and find out why people act or think the way they do, it is crucial to also analyze body language.

Preparing for the interview

You should not go into anything unprepared including your interview.  I think you have noticed that I have been trying to get you prepared ahead of time for the interview in order to have the greatest success.

Here are some easy steps for you to help be better prepared for the big day.

Getting the questions lined up.

  • When you have lined up the experts to interview, you should prepare a list of at least 10 questions you want to ask.

    Some interviewees may like to see this list in advance in order to be prepared. This is totally acceptable practice when it comes to interviewing.

One thing you need to remember is that the idea is to keep the interview being seen or heard as nothing more than a friendly conversation. Of course remembering it also is in need of control and structure in order to provide the best experience for the audience.

If it is not live you can always go back and edit any parts that seem out of control or where you might have gotten sidetracked away from the interview.

Get Questions or Topics to Discuss.

To get questions you just have to think research.  Research is very necessary as we have already discussed many times throughout this chapter and this ebook.  You have to find out what people in your niche want to know and then provide the information.  What you provide has to be relevant to those seeking the information you provide.

It is vital to begin the interview process by choosing to do extensive research to figure out what kind of information your potential clients are looking for. Get to know their problems, the things that they would like to learn about, and their goals in life. These are usually the best topics for you to begin forming your questions around in order to provide the content your viewers really want to know and that will benefit them the most.

  • If you don't know the questions you need to research
  • Where to find the questions to ask:
    • Forums
    • Ask your list
    • Brainstorm with others
    • Yahoo Answers
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Sales Pages (Look for claims) Bullet points

Many of the listed places you will find people already asking the questions.  Write them down and have the expert provide the answer.

I want to cover sales pages a little more in depth for just a second in order to show you the one way I found almost every question I asked during all of my interviews when I was brand new.

I did not know where to look for the questions.  I only knew that the sales pages were there and available to me.

I began to read the claims they were making and I took these claims and I formed them into a question to ask.

For example:  One question I was able to ask came from the claim that what the product was going to reveal was the number one method of traffic generation used by all of the big gurus in the industry.

I took the claim and formed it into the following question.

“Mr. Guru I noticed on your sales page for your traffic product that you are offering that you said you were going to reveal the number one technique that most every guru out there uses to drive massive amounts of traffic to their websites.”

“This is a pretty big claim for you to make. I would like to explore that claim a little bit for those listening right now.  Could you please explain to the audience what this method is and why you this method of traffic generation is so beneficial to getting so much traffic to your Website.”

Just by looking at the benefits and claims that are being made on sales pages or squeeze pages you are able to formulate some amazing questions that will generate great content for the interview.

By doing so you will be able to provide top notch content through your products you are delivering to your target audience.

Interviews are Not Just a List of Questions

To be a good interviewer you need to know that the interview itself is not just about the guest that is being interviewed; and it's certainly not all about “YOU”.

*Most Important* Know that there is a third element to all interviews that is much more important than the two people carrying on a conversation.

When asking your questions, you will learn when you should talk, how much to say, and when to shut up.

The Important Third Element

It is important to remember that there are third parties involved in the interview.  This third party is the audience that is listening.  They are the ones you really have done the interview for.

 Make them feel a part of the interview.  Make them feel that you did your interview just to provide them with the content that is the solution to the problem they have been faced with.

Make them feel like you took the time to find the experts and to prepare for the interview just to get them the information to benefit them.

By taking the time to build a relationship, not just with the person you are interviewing but with your audience as well you will find that you have taken big steps in building your own credibility and trust in your audience’s eyes.

The Questions

Just as important as the preparation time in getting ready for the interview are the questions you will ask.

The response and content you generate for your product is greatly depending on the type of questions asked and how you ask the question.  According to Heather Vale there are 4 types of questions you can ask during the interview.


Four Types of Questions

  • Shaken – A question completely unexpected. This is one that may catch the one being interviewed and possibly your audience by total surprise.

Be a little careful with this type of question and proceed with caution.  Be ready to possibly change directions if you feel that it is needed.

You may be treading into waters that you possibly may not be meant to tread in.  If you continue to proceed you may find that the interview will come to a complete halt by the one being interviewed.

  • Stirred – Emotional and moving. This type of question again may need you to proceed with caution.  You may find that you bring up so many emotions from within the one you are interviewing, and they won’t be able to continue on at that moment.

This type of question is great for getting the emotions of your viewers moving as well.  If they feel the emotions and the compassion from you and the expert they will act upon these emotions as well and be drawn deeply into the interview.

This also can have a bad effect with your audience so move with caution.  You have seen the interviews that have brought up emotions within those being interviewed that have caused you to begin to feel sorry for the one being questioned.  You begin to turn your attention to feeling sorry for the expert being interviewed and at times slight anger towards the one asking the question.  You find yourself wanting to know how they could even dare ask such a question like you did that would make that person have to explore those kinds of emotions.

  • Gently tossed – Easy question…. These questions may reveal something new for the audience but they are not difficult questions to answer.    Maybe questions that reveal traffic strategies, list building questions, how to walk your dog properly, etc.   Questions that the expert would know because he is the expert in providing the knowledge for the questions asked in the first place.
  • Over easy – Completely expected. The over easy questions are completely expected by all parties.  Again you may learn something new but all parties are expecting these kinds of questions to be asked.

These types of easy questions are perfectly acceptable as an interview isn’t about you showing off how much you know about the topic you are conducting the interview on, it’s about inspiring your guest expert to reveal how much they know, and to provide benefit to your viewing audience.

  • Important Questions to Ask: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?  Open-ended questions will take some thinking on the part of the person you are interviewing.

Closed Questions

Closed questions require short answers, with one word or phrase, like “yes” and “no”.

It is easy to make statistic conclusions from the following closed question:

  • Are you a Democrat or Republican?  The answer will be either Democrat or Republican or possibly the answer of, “neither one”   But you did not gain much value from the answer. But it does leave you open to exploring the answer with open ended questions that we will discuss in just a second.

The closed type questions are short and do not leave much room for the interviewee to reflect over the questions.  They give you facts and are easy for the one being interviewed to answer.

If there was to be a benefit of asking closed questions I guess it would be that the interviewer easily keeps control over the interview.

Open Questions

These questions require more information from the interviewed.  That means that the answers contain more than one- or two-word responses

  • Why do you consider yourself a Democrat or Republican?

Open questions help the interviewer to analyze more deeply and go beyond the surface to find answers. 

It gives the interviewed a chance of developing thoughts and opinions. About the questions asked and his or her responses.  It gives you a chance to listen and generate more questions from information being provided by the one answering the question.

In the answers you may discover new avenues to explore that you never intended to explore.

Question Example

Wrong Question to ask: 

“How can I build my list of subscribers?”

Correct way to ask the same question:

“If you lost everything you have including your list of subscribers, or you were a beginner that was just starting out and you only had 30 days to build a list of 1,000 subscribers, could you tell me exactly how would you would go about it.?”

As you can see by simply asking the same question in a different way you are most likely going to get the valued content you are looking for.  Put some real thought into your questions you are going to ask.

Keep Order and Transfer Power

Don’t ever interrupt unless it is needed to gain back lost control of the interview.

By interrupting the one answering the question will feel he or she has provided what you were looking for and wills top.  You may never know what could have been in these instances as you may never get back to the avenue that was being explored at the time of the interruption.

Don’t jump back into the position of power too soon if you find yourself with dead air.

The person being interviewed will feel compelled to give more information and may go further than they intended to with their answer.  They will stop and think about what they just said and wonder if they did not give you what you were looking for and most times will begin to uncover or reveal more than they ever intended on reveling.

Learn to use the microphone to keep control over the interview.  Make it understandable that whoever has the microphone speaks. 

When you are done speaking, use the microphone to transfer the power to the other person by holding microphone in front of them giving them the permission they need to begin to deliver the answer.

This helps maintain control and to help keep the other person from jumping in to soon and interrupting.

Benefits of Using JV Partners the Interview for Product Creation

There are many benefits to using the interview to create products.  Here are just some of the benefits I found by using this method of product creation.

In the column on the left you will notice the things I was lacking before I did the interview.

The column on the right is the benefit I received by creating my product by using the interview method.

transferred Authority

Who says that you have to be an expert to create a product?  You just have to have the access to the knowledge your target market is looking for and then supply it.  What an easier way than to interview the expert and become the expert by association.

Money Making Ideas with Interviews

Let’s end this chapter by giving you a few methods that you can begin using to monetize your interview efforts.

  • Money-Maker: Offer Licenses to your Series

This one method has the potential to make you a lot of money.  By choosing to allow others to purchase the rights either resell rights or Private label rights to your product you just created.

Your hook in selling this is very simple.  You are providing a way for someone else to not have to go through the product creation efforts that take up valued time and at times money to create.

By offering resell rights you are offering the purchaser the opportunity to sell your product as is without making any changes to your product.

They benefit by having a product to sell that comes with all of the sales material needed to sell and they also have your credibility as they are putting their name right besides yours as part ownership in the product.

The one who purchases the product usually keeps 100% of any sales made through their efforts.

They are responsible for getting traffic to the product.

You may also want to allow the purchaser to purchase Private Label Rights allowing them to take the product and claim 100% ownership to the product you created.   They will usually have the rights to add to or change and rebrand the product in a way to make it their own.

  • Money-Maker: Develop An Ongoing Series of interviews.  You can supply a membership site with these interviews.
  • Use same expert on a new different but related topic.
  • Find new expert on completely different topic.
  • Find new expert on the same topic you have already covered.
  • Money-Maker: Promote Other Products  in the interview
    • Affiliate Products
    • Your Own Products
    • Related Products with Resell or PLR Rights

During the interview you will usually supply a link that the listener will be directed to use that will help them to continue further education on the topic.

These links will lead to sales pages or other content meant to pre-sell them on your product you are offering.

You may be doing an interview with a traffic expert that has a great product that offers even more traffic generation techniques or that cover the topics discussed in the interview more in depth.

If the interview is done properly this will presell the listener and have them ready to take the action you are asking them to take at the end of the interview or at any point in the interview that it makes sense to insert your call to action/.

  • Money-Maker: Break Series apart. Use as lead generator and Backend

You may do a series of interviews where you use one of the interviews as a lead generator that you give away for free and then ask the listener to purchase the remaining interviews.  Use the best interview to give away.  You want them to see the value they will be receiving.

You may even use just a portion of each of the videos and then direct the listener back to a place to purchase the rest of the interview.  Again this has to be great content to entice the listener to want to hear the rest.

  • Money-Maker: Use as bonus for better conversions

It is a known fact that in order to better compete with other Affiliates in the Affiliate Marketing promotion war is to provide the best bonus in order to get your potential buyers to want to buy through your link just to get your bonus over top of anyone else.

You can create a great interview package to go along with an upcoming product launch to help you with getting better conversions over the top of the competitors.

If you are promoting a traffic generation product you will want to supply interviews with other traffic experts.

You may also create a fast and simple bonus by letting your customers know that you have lined up a special interview with the product creator that will follow in just a few days.  By doing this you also have another opportunity to presell and to make sales if you and product owner do your job during the interview in providing great content.

  • Money-Maker: Use for List Building, Backend with product recommendations

Another way to use your interviews is to offer the interview package for free as a method of getting the lead onto your list and then backend your series with related products through the follow up messages in your email series you have set up.

These products you are recommending in your follow up messages and even broadcast messages will of course be related to the content supplied in the interviews.  It will also make complete sense for the listener to want to purchase to continue the education that was started.

  • Money-Maker:   Live interview charge attendees to attend call.

This method is used when you have interviews all line up and ready to go.  They need to have a list and willing to promote the interview to their list.  This is a great method if you do not have a current list.  Below is a flow chart showing how you can use this method.

Expert Interview Product Launch Process Flow Chart

Expert Interview Product Lauch Process Flow Chart

Interview Summary

The more interviews you do, the more comfortable you will become

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