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“The Joint Venture Partner”

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 Discovering the “Win-Win” Situation and How to Move Your Name from the Shadows to the Spotlight

Tips to find a joint Venture Partner

What Is a Joint Venture Partnership?

 A Joint venture partnership is what I like to call, “Master Sales Force!” The best JV partners are an invincible army of salesmen and women.

Joint Ventures (JVs) are one of the most powerful techniques you can employ to get your niche business up and running.

If they are done right, Joint Ventures can help you start making money almost immediately online.Jointventure-partner

 “It’s simple math.  You can take 100% of what you manage to sell… or 50% of what a bunch of people can sell….”

If you're not sure what a joint venture is, let me explain.   Here's how it works in very simplistic form:

  • A has a product which he wants to get to the market
  • B has a list which targets just the right market for A's product
  • A finds B and sets up a Joint Venture with B
  • B promotes A's product to his list
  • A and B both share the profits from sales of the product
  • It's a win-win arrangement for them both.

But you need to know that a joint venture is so much more than just promoting each other’s products.  Joint venture partnerships can be used in almost any part of your business both online as well as offline.

The Joint Venture as Part of Your Product or Planning Stage

 Most people think a joint venture needs to have… “I have a product, you have a list, you promote my product” – but joint ventures are so much more than that if you do them right.

Bringing in your potential JV Partners as part of the project is huge.  Your JV Partners now have a vested interest in your success.

A true joint venture includes bringing in your potential JV Partners either in the planning phase, or part of the product development, and as part of the content itself, etc.  By doing so, you will create a venture where you’re JV Partners have a true vested interest in seeing your product and your efforts succeed.  They will be involved with the efforts and no longer are just selling, “just another product someone wants me to pitch”.

Integrate your potential JV Partners somewhere in the process before the end which we are going to say is the launch of the product.

You want to include them in the process from the very beginning.

Finding JV Partners

 Finding good joint venture (JV) partners is not as easy as you may think. These partners can have a great impact on the success of your products or services, so you need to select them carefully before you even think about contacting them.

 Identifying potential Joint Venture (JV) Partners is relatively easy online, as there are so many places to locate them.  Getting them to say yes is another story.

Google or Search Engine Strategy

 It is easy to find joint venture partners. One way is to use Google. You will want to search for your keywords in the paid and non-paid listings.

For example, suppose you have started an Internet Marketing Business and are looking for JV partners. To find JV partners go to Google and type in “Internet Marketing newsletters” and “Internet Marketing tips”. Go to the websites that post Google Ads for these keywords.

You will want to make sure that you click on the links provided by Google Ads. These that are advertising here are paying money to advertise in their niche. Most of the time you will find those that are paying for advertising will be a little more serious and profitable company. So click on the “Sponsored Links” in Google.

As soon as you land on the website you have chosen, examine it to see if it is a good joint venture partner.  There are a few ways to go about this that may take some time but are the ways I really recommend you go about checking to see if they will indeed be a good fit for your products  The best way is to join their list, forum, and/or any message boards they may have. The more of a community a website has the better. This is usually a sure fire sign that they are indeed in the game when it comes to a thriving business.

Google will search for other Internet marketers and businesses that are in your niche.

Sometimes you can find contact information by clicking on the website linking and finding the information at the website. Another option is to find contact information for a website by running that website through www.whois.com.

Find contact information on at least twenty-thirty Joint Venture Partner possibilities.

Try to find products or services that would fit with yours, and contact their creator(s). You won't get them to promote your stuff if you don't try, so just give it a chance! The more complementary the products or services will be, the better chance you will have to boost your sales!

Newsletter Directories

 Why "Newsletter Directories"?

This is where you will find the newsletter owners who have opt-in lists with thousands of subscribers waiting to read your offer and buy your products and/or services.

You will find newsletter owners that target ALMOST ANY niche you are looking to do a Joint Venture with, along with all their contact information.

To find these directories, simply go to your favorite search engine and type "newsletter directories" in the search form.

Article Directories

 Find contact information in the resource box and contact the article’s author. 

One of my favorite article directories to use is Ezine Articles.  http://www.Ezinearticles.com

You will find many categories and subcategories that you can search through in order to find well targeted potential JV partners.

When you find the closest category or subcategory that is related to the target Niche you are working in the first thing to do is begin to look at articles written by the article writers in that Niche.

You are looking for a couple of key ingredients to your success in finding good JV partners that will do well for your marketing efforts

The first thing you are looking for is articles that contain good solid content so that you know the writer is at least an expert or perceived to be an expert in your Niche.

The second thing you are looking for is an article writer with a potential list of buyers.

You will do so by going to the resource box of the article which will be at the end of the article.  In the resource box you will usually find a link that will direct the reader to a specific website that belongs to the article writer.

Click on these links to see where they lead.  The ones you are looking for will lead you to some form of a website that has a place for you to enter your name and email address in exchange for something of value.

This usually will indicate that this writer has a list or is at least taking list building measures to try and grow a list.

These are the ones you want to find the contact information for because they will be more likely to have a list to be able to promote your product to.

Usually the contact information can be found  on the website of the one that is submitting the articles. 

Take the “polite” route and contact the people whose articles you've linked to from your website to ask, "I've linked to your article.  Is this okay with you?"   It's pretty well assumed that no one is going to object to your giving them exposure in that way!

This gives a great opening to possible friendly discussion and exchange of ideas, if not something more tangible.

Joint Venture Broker in Your Niche

 Joint Venture Brokers are Networkers

The Joint Venture Broker is the person who is specially trained to find the right partners to make a product or service launch as successful as possible.

Joint Venture Brokers already have a network of business people that they can recommend to promote your product or service, if your product or service is a good they can match your product or service to that business person's target market.

Joint Venture Brokers, because of their experience with brokering numerous Joint Venture deals, know what to look for in a successful sales letter and other promotional materials.

These brokers can help refine your promotional materials.  If they feel that your sales letters will not convert well, it is a good idea to listen to them as they have had great experience knowing what is converting in their particular Niche.

When looking for and dealing with Joint Venture Brokers make sure you know exactly what they will and will not do for you.  You may expect because you are paying them a fee to put you in contact with Joint Venture Partners in your Niche that they will do the contacting as well.  This in many cases will not be the real case and will lead to disappointment and hard feelings.

Go into the arrangement knowing exactly what is to take place and you will be fine.

JV Network Sites (IM Niche)

Another great way to find Joint Venture partners is to join JV network sites.  This is where the experts hang out to look for possible Joint Venture deals.

I have listed 3 below in the Internet Marketing Niche that are good places to find JV Partners.

http://www.jvalert.com  Ken McArthur – Member exclusive joint venture alert system designed to facilitate the formation of Joint Ventures.

http://www.jvnotifypro.com/  Mike Mertz – On this site you'll be able to connect with other marketers, find advice and ask questions.

http://www.jv-network.com  Mike Filsaime – On this site you can post your joint venture offers and see what other marketers have posted.

Social Networking  Twitter Facebook

 Finding joint venture partners is something you can do through social networking. Two of the best resources that are available to you for this need are Twitter and Facebook.

There are many excellent reasons to be very social about your need for joint venture partners, but one of the best is the simple fact that you can find people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Twitter is called a micro blogging website. Micro blogging is the method of sending out short messages to those who are following your messages on the website Twitter.com. What is great about this tool is that it is easy to use and there is no cost to using it. In addition, there are millions of people taking advantage of it. That makes it one of the best resources available to you for finding joint partners.

How can you use Twitter in this way? One of the first things to do is to build up your following. You can do this by simply finding people who are already using the website who share common interests as you do. For example, if you are looking for joint venture partners who are able to help you to promote your paid membership site that focuses on Internet marketing, you will use the various tools on Twitter to locate others that share this topic.

Over just a few days or weeks, you can really get to know a person and learn who they are, what they have to bring to the table and even what resources they can provide to you.

From this point, you can then build up your online following. You can create effective messages that help to show that you are an important person within the niche that you have selected. From this point, you can then build your joint venture plan so that you are now learning and building up people who are following you because you have something valuable to offer to them. Over time, there will be people who you grow to get to know.

What is more, you have a large group of people that are now available to you to help you to build your business. These people know you and you know them. They are following you because they are interested in what you have to offer. That means, in turn, that there are some people that are willing to work with you and that will help you to build your business. They can easily be joint venture partners with you.

All it takes is a free account and some social skills and you are well on your way to building a successful online business.

Often, when you use a website like Facebook where you are communicating with a large group of people, you build up friendships. You get to know who other people are and you get to know what they have to offer to you. Best of all, you get to have fun building your business knowing it is in the right hands.

In order to do well at building a Facebook website that does convey your message, one of the first things you need to do is to sign up with Facebook. There is no charge to use the site. There are few regulations for using it either. Once you sign up, start looking for others to get to know. What you want to do, ultimately, is to create a page that helps you to get in touch with others that may be interesting to you or that may share ideas and business experience in the area that you are interested in.

Over time, you will start to grow your correspondence with others on Facebook and other sites. You will slowly learn about all of your options and you will quickly find out that there are many great sites out there that you can build such a following with. The key is to choose people to network with who are going to be able to offer something to your business. Choose people that are not your direct competitors but instead are people who are able to build your business with you even as your partner.

It takes time to build up a following on this type of website, but what you will find is that when you do this, you really do create a website that provides you with numerous other opportunities. For example, you always will have great joint venture partners on these sites.

You will also find many people who will look to you for advice and guidance. That often results in you having a successful program in place. If you do not have one yet, it is time to sign up with Facebook and to start creating a website that can provide you with the resources that you need to find the right joint venture offers you need.


One of the best places to find these resources is through the use of online forums.

Discussion boards and public online forums are another place where these potential JV Partners like to lurk.  First, forums are literally filled with people who are so ready to ask any question, and answer any question as well.

Forums are gathering places for people who share a common interest or wish to interact with others who are like them, going through the same things they are or otherwise related.

Simply find a forum whose topic is related somehow to your niche, so you won't have trouble relating to what members are talking about on the discussion boards.

You will want to get your start in a forum by providing value first and foremost.   You need to begin your credibility and come across as the expert in your Niche.   The reason for doing so is because you want to be noticed by the potential JV Partners as well.  It is not just you that is looking for a possible JV partners.  You may find the more credible you look, the more your potential JV partners will begin to contact you first. 

To find forums, go to your favorite search engine, and type "forums + your targeted keywords" in the search bar.  If you had typed just forums, you'd get all sorts of results, and they won't be helpful or relevant to your need at all.

Start out by locating and getting to know the heavy hitters in the forums.  They will be easily identified as they will be the one answering all of the questions and doing their best to stick out.

The key here is to choose the right forums to find joint venture partners through.

Not all forums are the same and in fact some forums will provide you with many additional opportunities that others will not. Keep in mind that it is up to you to choose a forum that is going to have the right type of people within it to help you to create the goal you have. Here are some ideas to focus on:

  • Choose a forum where you are well known. When you do this, you have a better chance of finding people who are willing to interact with you and build a business with you. They know you are not trying to steal from them or wasting their time. If you do not have this type of place on the web yet, spend some time creating one.
  • Choose a forum where the type of people who would be best suited for your business venture will be located. For example, you can find some great Internet marketing forums that are ideal for those who wish to build a business that is around online marketing.
  • Learn about the people on the forum before working with them. Not just anyone will do. You need people who are going to provide you with the best possible outcome and that means doing a bit of research into who the people who are interested in you are before you start to work with them.

Online forums are a great resource for anyone who is looking for joint venture partners but they can also be full of people who make empty promises or have no skills to contribute. Therefore, do your research first and invest the time necessary in finding


 A rarely used strategy is to go to other websites and contact everyone who has left a testimonial.  Many times you will find that the one giving the testimonial is allowed to add the website URL to the end of the testimonial. 

Follow this trail to the websites and to the real contact information of each of these experts giving testimonials.

Odds are many people leaving comments on other websites are successful marketers and might be able to promote your product.

Give testimonials for other products so you are seen by potential JV Partners.

Giving testimonials gets you seen by not only the potential JV Partner you are after, but also by others looking for JV Partners.

Ask for referrals from other JV Partners

 Probably one of the easiest ways to connect with JV Partners is to ask those that you have taken the time to build a relationship with if they have anyone else they can recommend.

When you find a JV Partner, ask for the names of a few other people you should connect with – or ask your JV Partner to introduce you to them directly.

Many times you will find that the yes is easiest gotten by contacting those that are referred to you by others you already have a relationship with.

Being a part of the in-crowd, the “inner circle,” can give you a definite advantage. 

Most of us have a circle of trusted friends.  We have people that we have grown to know, like and trust, and that's who we prefer working with (all things being equal). 

Often we make decisions based upon the recommendations of those we know. 

Don’t Overlook Small List Owners

There are a lot of small lists out there, people who have 200, 300, 400 or even 1,000 readers who are very responsive.

You may think these marketers may not be those big names with big list. But never underestimate the power of small-time marketers. Although those super affiliates can bring in lots of sales as an individual, as much as 80% of the total sales are usually generated by the mass of small-time marketers who can only generate a few sales per person.

These list owners have a very tight-knit community with their people.

These people can create tremendous results for you because they spread your message virally and very quickly.

Those that have small lists are out for name recognition as well and will really dig in to do the best possible job for you.

It has been my findings that the smaller JV partners are the ones that will actually follow through and do what they say they are going to do.

The big name JV partners may tell you they are there to help you out but in the long run get otherwise occupied and fail to follow through with what they promise.

Too many times people look at the size of a list and they say, “Well, this is a huge list.  Some percentage of those people would probably buy from me,” and that’s really not very effective for either person because the person who owns the list is not going to be effectively compensated from the effort, and you’re not either.  It’s a waste of your time on many occasions.

Attend Live Seminar Events (Get Out and Meet People)

The number one way to create a Joint Venture Partnership certainly is meeting people live, in person. 

Real JV Partnerships are formed when it actually breaks from the business to, “Hey let’s go have a burger or a drink together.”  That’s where relationships are formed

There is no better way to form real partnerships and relationships than the Face-To-Face meeting….  This is where the deals and relationships are made

Seminar speakers are always being introduced by the host as, “I first met this next speaker at a seminar…” and one right after another it continues…. 

“I met you at a seminar,”  “I met you at a seminar….”  That’s the way it’s done.

Anybody can be a part of this group.  Everybody is welcome to get to know us – we’re very accessible.

But you have to do the initiating of the relationship first in most cases as the big experts are just not going to do it for you.

You may look at it as a “good ol’ boys” club, but the perception that everybody’s upset about is that it’s a closed club – and it’s not.

I highly recommend you go to seminars, get to know other marketers and swap business cards.

While at a seminar one of the best things you can do is get a picture with absolutely everyone that you meet at events and then say, “Can I have your email so I can send you a copy?” 

Then send back a physical copy of the picture and sign it. 

This is a reminder to the potential JV Partner as to whom you are.

If you really want to do business with a person, print their picture out, frame it and come to their office and hand it to them.  You can even bring a hammer and nail and hang it right there in their office, if you really want them to remember you.

Get an account with www.sendoutcards.com, create a card and send out to the potential JV Partner with the picture you had taken.  Let them know what a great time you had.

Information to Collect During Search

To do the job properly, you need to take an organized and structured approach to finding your potential JV partners.  Set aside a specific amount of time each day to seek them out. 

Collect as much information as you can on them and collate it in a spreadsheet. 

  • Contact info – name, email, telephone, mailing address, etc.
  • Website URL with a brief description of their site and products
  • Interesting facts…. birthdays, anniversaries, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.

NOTE:  You should also keep track of what your competitors are doing when you find these niche marketing listings.  This will allow you to be aware of what information they send out and how often.  Take every advantage you can when doing your competitive analysis.

The Approach to the Gate Keeper of the List

Once you've collected a decent sized list of potential JV Partners, it's time to make contact.

First, make sure you’re approaching the right JV Partners with the right target market. Matching the JV Partner to your message and your offer is critical to your success.

The way you approach the potential JV partner is key, especially the way you approach the bigwigs, the big list owners and the big names out there; the approach must be a ‘you-oriented’ approach: “How can I help you?”  It has to be something that’s beneficial to them. 

Contact by Phone

The phone is a far more powerful communication tool than ever before.  In this busy age of e-mails and spam, we sometimes forget that the phone is a far more powerful communication tool than ever before.  Writing a letter or sending a real card by snail mail is also excellent, but the phone is instant.  Even in leaving a voicemail message, you can really build value, relationship, and trust.

Remember your potential JV Partner’s time is valuable.

It provides instant contact and can really build value, relationship, and trust.

Your first phone call should be direct and personal.  Be specific about numbers, commitments, dates, and times.

You should make contact first by phone whenever possible.  Not only does phone contact show your sincerity, but it will cut back on the time you spend waiting for the business owner to wade through all of their emails and respond to yours.

Contacting by Email

When contacting by email you need to honestly state how doing a JV Partnership can benefit them.  Your potential JV partner will usually receive many proposals a week or even in a day and is not going to look at anything that comes across as hyped up numbers and benefits.

Your e-mail should contain your name, website address, and business proposal.  

Focus on how selling your product can benefit them, not on the features of the product itself.

Provide as much real profit-related information as you can and remember to be honest.  Provide numbers such as the conversion rates and profits they will earn by promoting your product.  First and foremost your JV partner wants to know they will make money with the efforts they provide promoting your product.

They may not respond to your first email, so make sure to follow up with a phone call, fax, or postal mail.

What not to do: “Hey Big JV Partner, I know you may not know me but I have this killer product that is amazing, and I know it will make you a lot of money when you promote it to your huge list.”

First of all there is a big chance that you really know nothing about how your product will convert with any particular JV Partner you contact.

So never assume that they are going to make a lot of anything when and if they promote for you.

This is why it is best to have JV partners involved from the very beginning thinking stages, and all stages of your product development.   You will have built relationships with your JV partners and they will know what kind of expectations you should have with your product launch.

Persistence Will Win the Day

It's unlikely that you will strike lucky straight away; rejections are inevitable, but keep plugging away at your list.

Be persistent, but not annoying.  Present yourself professionally.

Don't let yourself get discouraged; keep yourself motivated, keep organized.

Once you've found a JV Partner, you can continue making those phone calls and sending out those e-mail offers.

It may take a while before you hit on the right JV Partner and get the deal you're looking for.

Prioritize your search and make at least two phone calls and send out two or three e-mails every day until you're successful.


Tips to Help You Build Good Solid JV Partnerships & What to Offer When You Just Are Starting Out

A lot of people don’t think they have much to offer when they first start out with Joint Ventures, but everybody’s got something.

The person that is just starting out with no knowledge, no list, no nothing, has time, energy, maybe money, maybe products, maybe  ideas… maybe just the fact that you can run for coffee, but everybody can do something. 

Give your “something” to somebody else, and give it without reservation.  Say first, “What can I possibly do for this person to make their life better?”

Building Relationships with JV Partners

Value the Relationship first and foremost!   We Are Back to the Know You, Like You, Trust You

If you build a good solid relationship, the part about “I’ve got a product, I’ve got a commission, etc.,” is just a no-brainer. 

The “yes” happens almost automatically.

You might have a seven-figure deal with a JV Partner, but that partnership could actually be worth more money over time so work to keep it strong.

Cold contacting potential JV Partners may result in, “I don’t know you.  I don’t know what you stand for.  I don’t know if I like you.  I don’t know if I can trust you.”  All of those things are missing because you don’t have a relationship yet.

Research Your Potential JV Partner (Do Your Homework)

Don’t go to somebody when you don’t know the first thing about them.  

Do your research on the people you want to bring into your organizations and do Joint Ventures with.  It’s absolutely critical.

Read their books, listen to their CDs, read their BIOs, read their profiles on social sites, read their sales copy, check out what kind of products they have, and follow them on places like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to learn their likes and dislikes. 

Get to know who they are.

You want to make sure that they are a good match for you and that they will be somebody you will be able to trust to bring in as a possible partner.

It is not all about just finding anyone out there to promote and JV with.  It is about forming partnerships with the right partners.

Focus All of Your Attention on Helping the People You Want to Work With

You need to be 100% focused on how you can help the person you are approaching. 

The Law of Reciprocity requires that when someone does you a favor, that you seek ways to reciprocate. 

Learn to deliberately tap into that law by doing nice things for others… particularly JV Partners.  That’s not diabolical – that’s engineering a “yes!”

It’s not about your product.  It’s about how something you know, something you’ve learned, something you can learn, something you can do, or something you can figure out how to do that can help someone else.   

Chances are, you can help the person with proofreading and editing eBooks, writing articles, writing ebooks, blog posting, creating Camtasia videos and submitting to YouTube, graphics, support, etc.  Find what you can do best and then do it!

Focus on Trust

 (You Need to Build the Trust Factor)

If a dog bites you, you trust that dog – you trust that if you stick your hand out again it’s going to bite you again!

Some JV Partners do exactly what they say when they say they’re going to do it.  Some of them don’t.  Some people have different standards or styles of business too.

Focus on trust.  Be reliable. 

Do what you say you’re going to do.

Focus on Value

This really goes toward your credibility:  Do you have something of true value that will actually benefit the Joint Venture Partner’s customers?

Do you have a product, for example, that will actually show your JV Partner’s customers how to do something, solve a problem for them, or will give them an opportunity to save money or time or whatever your particular offer is? 

If the JV Partner’s customers are happy, that reflects well on both partners.

Know What Makes Your Joint Venture Offer Different

Finding joint venture partners today is difficult for many reasons. People want to be involved with joint ventures but there is a great deal of competition out there for a good partner. For example, let us assume that you want a joint venture partner for your new online subscriber network or your book.

How will you find people to interact with? You have to offer them something that they cannot get from anywhere else. You need to make sure that your joint venture offer is unique enough to attract their attention.

Here is an example of why this is important. You want to promote your ebook. You want to turn to some of the online gurus who have a fantastic online following in the hopes that they will help you to promote your product or your service. However, you know that this group of people looks to this person in a high regard and you know that it could be great for your business if you could get this person on board with you. The thing is, that person likely sees a great number of emails on a regular basis about joint venture offers.

They already have lots of people that they can choose from to work with and to build a business with. What makes you think they should choose you?

When you look for joint venture partners, you need to take into consideration what you have to offer to the person you are presenting to. The key here is to learn what the business has to offer to you as well as what the joint venture has to offer to them.

You have to stand out with your product as being a unique one. It needs to be different from the massive other products out there if you are going to have any type of success with promoting it with such a great partner.

Before you can sell the product to the masses, you need a joint venture partner on board with you. You have to show that person why your product or service is the best option out there for them to get involved with. If you fail to do this, you simply cannot find any type of success with the masses anyway.

The key is to be able to say, this is what makes me different. That will help you to get the joint venture partners that you need time and time again.

Have a Quality Product

One of the biggest problems I see is people coming up to a potential JV Partner with products of nothing more than rehashed products. 

Have a quality product that’s not a rehashed product, because JV Partners really care what their subscribers are going to think.

Your JV partners get many offers every single day and they are looking for that one product that will be something different than they have seen.  Something unique that will add value to their subscribers first and foremost.

It’s obvious when a product is where somebody has read one or two eBooks and then compiled something that’s just a combination of what they read in those eBooks. 

I have told you many times now that your focus needs to be on quality and providing the best value you possibly can.

Give JV Partners a Copy of the Product to Review

Make sure you give your Joint Venture Partner a complimentary copy of your product, whether it’s $47, $297, $2,097….

Don’t try to say, "Well, I have a massive physical product, but I’ve converted it to flash, so here’s a digital version of it.”

People don’t read and print 300-page PDFs that are given to them. 

So make sure you send these, especially a physical product, so your JV Partner can do an honest review of your product.

Always send a complimentary physical copy.

By providing the potential JV partner with a review copy they will be able to formulate a better decision on whether or not the product is a good fit for their target market and if the product is any good.

Remember they are sticking their neck out on the line for you through the recommendation of your product to their list.  Their reputation as well as yours is at stake.

Address any Customer Support Concern

If I’m a JV Partner and I see potential problems, I want to make sure there’s an infrastructure in place that’s going to be able to handle any concerns, refund issues or tech-support type things my subscribers may have with your product or service.

Very often I’ll see a product that’s a potentially good product, but I don’t know that there’s enough support in place for it.

Now this should not be a big deal to the potential JV partner but in fact it is a very big deal.

If there is no support or poor support offered by you for the product your JV partner promotes who do you think the customer is going to come back on?

If you said your JV partner with a question in your voice you can remove the question mark from the end because it will most definitely be your JV partner that the customer will revert to when trying to get support.

Many times I have had backlash from products that I promoted without checking out the support offered by the JV partner I was promoting for.  My customers came right back to me to get the help they needed because I was the one that recommended the product in the first place.

Make sure that you have not only a great product, but that you also have proper customer support set up and in place.  Your reputation is not the only one that is n the line after your product has been recommended by a JV partner.


Good Converting Sales Copy

You may have your product and website completed, but have you tested the sales of the product to make sure that your sales letter converts website visitors into customers – before you approach JV Partners?

Some people have an amazing and incredible idea, and everything ready to go but they don’t know what their conversions are.

Think Win-Win Compensation Point

At the end of the day everybody who’s doing joint ventures is simply saying,  “Okay, how much is this going to make for me?   Based on the other opportunities I have, why would I do this one over another one?”

Think JV Partners and Not Competitors

First, see what the majority of people in your marketplace are selling, promoting, or offering (they’re all doing virtually the same things).

Second, think about how you can help them AND their customers get MORE of what they want.

Third, wrap your product or service in a way that your new ally can not only make more money or more sales, but also make their customers even happier.

Any competitor can turn into your best Joint Venture ally and strongest sales person if you know what to do. 

Your job is simply to find out how you can complement what they do rather than compete head-to-head with them.


Finding JV Partners Summary

Once you find one JV Partner you will have the confidence to repeat the process.

What they’re looking for from you is somebody that’s going to take action and produce results. 

If you don’t, the Joint Venture dies right there on the vine.

What happens over and over again is that we talk about it, we think about it, we learn about it, we get caught up with it, we buy all the packages, and then we never do a single thing.

Once we get through the process of actually doing something, then you can duplicate that again and again. 

It’s the same thing in the Joint Venture relationship.

How to Get Affiliates and Joint Venture Partners

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