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“A Winning Mindset” Your Mind is Your Strongest Weapon!

Let me get started into this chapter by asking you a very serious question.  “Do you expect to win or lose?”PDF File getstarted

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FailurePretty simple question one would think isn’t it?  Stop and think about it for just a second and come up with your answer. 

I find that the language many of my students really are speaking suggests that when faced with an opportunity of any description, they don't expect to win.  Therefore, by default, they are setting themselves up to lose.


Here is an example of what I hear when I start one of my first coaching calls with students that just bought one of my products, or a competitor’s product I may have recommended:


“Well, we will see how this product does for me.   The last thing I did didn’t get me any results at all, so I am hoping that I am not getting myself in the same situation.”

Does this sound like someone that really is ready to do whatever it takes to make this new product really work?  Or does it suggest they really do not expect any different result than what they experienced with the last product?

The language you speak is simply a manifestation of the way that your mind thinks and the belief system that it has. 

The words coming out have to be thought – either consciously or subconsciously.

What is your language?  Is it positive or is it negative?

Does every direction you look seem to point towards failure?


Mirror Test

Let’s do the Mirror test

First I have another question to ask you, “What Do You See in Your Mirror?”

Do you see every imperfection, worry, or failure, or do you truly see the greatness you were created to walk in?

What do you hear yourself say?  Do you berate yourself with comments like “I’m overweight,” and “I’m getting old”?  Or do you stand tall and say “I look great!”

I really believe that a mirror reflects much more than what your eyes see at a quick glance.  If you really listen to the thoughts going on inside your mind as you look into that mirror.   I think you will find that a mirror really reflects your inner thoughts and your beliefs.  It is a reflection into the soul. 

I challenge you to next time you’re in front of a mirror to listen to the voice inside and what it is saying….  I think you may be surprised.

Take a good look at these 3 pictures and come up with answers to these questions.

  • What kind of words are they saying about them-selves in their minds?
  • What are the thoughts running through their heads right now?
  • Are they positive or are they negative?
  • Where would these thoughts have originated or be coming from?
  • Is it what they really see or is it coming from the influences that surround them in their lives?






When I look at this picture I see someone totally different than I used to see when I looked in the mirror before.

Now I see someone who still struggles from time to time with really realizing and being the total amazing and successful person that I am.

I am working on things but I can tell you I really have come a long way.

Back before I began coaching and mentoring  I was not someone I really enjoyed looking at in a mirror. 

I was at a point in my life where everything I had worked so hard for was slowly slipping away from my grasp.

I went from a person that gave everything he had to his Job to someone that pretty much felt like he was ripped off and owed.  There had been many promises made in the beginning of my employment through no fault really of my employers that were never fulfilled. 

Plans of future that promised growth during my employment and retirement when the time came for it to end.  Not much of that happened because of the economy.

Each day became just another day at what I looked at as my dead end job until finally I gave in and found something else.

I headed into factory work which I had vowed to never do again in my life.

But once again the promise of great benefits and retirement and high wages drew me in and we began my brand new venture.

One year into the job and talk of layoffs were flying around the plant and due to my low seniority I was on my way out.

We were able to work for one more year before the layoff was to take place, but in the meantime hours began to become less and less as the day of the layoff grew closer.

The bills we had, had begun to get farther and farther behind until we were so far behind that my credit was in the dumps and my house was ready for the beginning process of foreclosure.

The phone rang off the hook from creditors wanting money that I wish I had to give them.  We just refused to answer the phone after a while, which did nothing to stop it from ringing.

Quite possibly you may understand where I am coming from when I tell you I felt pretty worthless as a father and a husband, especially if you are a husband or father.  I really think if you are a wife you will know as well as my wife could see things better than I seen them myself.

In my eyes I was failing as a provider and I was no longer successful because I was losing my job!

For years I was taught that if you did not have a good job that you could count on to support your family that you were pretty much looked at as being a failure.

If you got behind, you just worked more hours.

As the layoff drew closer my coach asked me what I was going to do now.  My answer was the only thing I knew.  “Go look for another job!”

My coach told me to check my email and I would find a plane ticket down to Atlanta Georgia where he lived so that I could begin learning what he did for a living.

Right away I started putting up walls against the idea out of fear.  My coach was telling me I was going to start up my own business and although it was always a dream of mine, it was something I never really seen myself capable of doing.

Right away I started to tell him how much money I did not have to do anything he was asking of me, which he right away said not to be worrying about as he was going to take care of things until I got back on my feet.

At that moment I knew how my parents felt during the times of their struggles while I was growing up.  I remember them asking to borrow money from me to help buy groceries and things when they just didn’t have it.  I never stopped to think how they must have felt.  They were now asking the very ones they were supposed to be providing for, for help.

Now my coach was helping me.  It was time for a bit of role reversal.  I was no longer the mentor.  I was the one being mentored. 

Needless to say when I looked into the mirror I seen the very person I was told I would be if I found myself in this kind of situation.  A FAILURE!

I really do not know what the situation is that you are finding yourself in as you read this book.

What I do know is that your situation is very close to you and it is probably playing a big part in how you see yourself, and what direction you see clearer for your life right now.

Our current mindset plays a very big role in what direction we see clearer, Success or failure.

Pain Precedes Change

Remember:  People don't change unless and until they experiedirectionsnce enough pain with the way things are.  Only then do we say, "Hey, enough already!" 

Only then do we begin to look for new ways to figure out how to think, feel and act in a different direction.

Only then do we stop looking for excuses that do nothing more than set up roadblocks right in the middle of our success path and also to try and protect us from the previous experienced pain, so we don’t need to go through it again.


You Can’t Make Money and Excuses at the Same Time

No matter what's going on in the world, you have a choice as to what you're going to create in your life.

 Leave Excuses to the “Old You


Trust me when I say at this point in my life I was to the point of experiencing pain and I had a strong desire to not feel this pain any longer.  But instead of wanting to make the necessary changes I started to deal with the pain in a different way.

I started using excuses that I felt would prevent me from experience any more pain that would make me feel even more of a failure than I felt like I was already.

These excuses continued even after a successful launch and they prevented me from earning a lot of money during the next 6 months.

I had and used every excuse in the book and I have also heard them all from my coaching students since I have begun helping others. 

It really is much easier to come up with an excuse instead of just taking the bull by the horn as we say and getting things accomplished.

What’s Your Excuse?

“I can’t give up a regular paycheck.”

“Invest?  You want me to lose all my money, don’t you?”

“I don’t have any money to invest.”

“I tried that before.  It’ll never work.”

“I’m not smart enough.”

“My husband would never go for it.”

“My wife would never understand.”

“What would my friends say if I fail again?”

“I’m young.  I’ve still got time.”

“It’s too late for me.”

“I can’t do that.”

“I wasn’t born with a computer attached to my umbilical cord.”

“It is easier for the younger generation than it is for me.”

Now I want you to go back and read those excuses once again.  Something about these particular excuses I want you to really notice.

Each one of these excuses gives us a reason to put up a road block in our mind that will keep us from taking action that may result in pain we have experienced in the past.

We are also using an excuse that puts the blame on someone or something else other than our self so that we do not feel bad for not taking action.

If we have experienced any kind of pain or negativity from past failure our mind will immediately begin looking for a way to prevent the pain from re-occurring when it is faced with a similar situation.

We don’t like to feel pain.  Hey I am with you on that all the way.  But will we go ahead and take a risk or will we just listen to these thoughts and back away from a possible negative experience again.

It is these negative kinds of thoughts that kept me from really putting everything into my business I could.

I had just come off from a 6 figure product launch and my mind said, “Wait a second.  Right now everyone sees you as having done something pretty amazing with your life.  What happens if you can’t do it now on your own and the next attempt leads to failure?”

Where did these negative thoughts come from?  I had never done anything like this in my life to have negative thoughts.  After a 6 figure launch one would thing that I would only have positive thoughts going on in my mind.

Well I did until something happened.

I began answering support and found many of my customers wanting to know if I thought I could have gotten the same results as I just did without the support and help of my coach. 

Seems like a pretty innocent question to ask.  They just wanted validation from me telling them that they were going to be able to get the same amazing results if they followed the instructions of the course they just bought.

Something else I was seeing and hearing was coming from other successful marketers I was networking with.

Again it was completely innocent but it had a negative effect with the way my mind was functioning at the time.

I would go to an event and several marketers were congratulating me on my launch.  They were also making remarks about how awesome it was to have a successful Son to help me get those results.

Again all of this was completely innocent but here is what was happening inside of my mind.

“You better go forward very carefully from this point on because they are correct, you only are where you’re at today because of your coach.  Without him you would still be back struggling to pay your bills and about to lose everything.”

And probably the biggest challenge I faced was when my mind began to tell me I needed to prove every one of these folks that I perceived as telling me I was only successful because of my coach!

So I started down a path over the next 6 months trying to do it, “ALL BY MYSELF!”  What a two year old mentality that was! J

I was going to prove once and for all to them all that I was capable of being successful in life without the help of anyone.

This was a big mistake and I really learned some valuable lessons from this thinking in the next few months that would really propel my business forward in a mighty way.

What I want you to see here is that our mind sometimes hears things and will twist them around in order to protect us from any kind of pain.

Were these folks really saying I was not going to be successful now?

Not really.  That is just what I was hearing and I began to ask questions to myself like, “Can I really do this?” “Can I really afford to not go get another job so I can have a regular paycheck coming in again?”  Am I really smart enough to run my own business, especially one that involves a computer that I know nothing about?” 

The excuses just began to flood my mind and they restricted me for over 5 months.

That’s how long it took me by myself to get another product out on the market that most look at as a failure.  But we will save that story for later when we are talking about your irresistible offer and over-delivering value.

What I really want you to see is that for the next 5 months I prevented myself from making the money I deserved to make and was capable of making.

Trying to prevent more pain in my life just led me right back to the same place I had started before my coach’s help.  I was right back to wondering how I was going to pay my bills and the phone calls from creditors began once again.

What would have happened if I would have begun to focus on the success I had already had instead of dwelling on the possibility of failure?

What if I would have instead thought about the fact that I just wrote a 67 page ebook in a couple weeks and got it ready for my product.

Maybe I should have stopped to think that I just went to my first offline event experience and met an incredible lineup of speakers that I could now network with and that had just taught me some incredible methods of making money online. 

What about the fact that because of that event I heard how to do interviews properly and it gave me the courage to step up to the plate and overcome some serious fears and interviews 5 experts that I included in my product.

What if I would have stopped to think that it was help that got me to the place I was at that point and it was help that was going to get me to even greater places in my brand new life.

Everything had been set into motion and was lining up perfectly for me to enter a new chapter in my life that had the capabilities of allowing me to have something that I had always seen other people having and wished I was good enough to have myself.

“Financial Freedom” It was right there for me to take and yet I couldn’t claim it.

Why was that?  It took me a long time before I figured it out and the whole time my coach was screaming the answer.

You have to develop a new way of thinking.  You have to develop a new mindset.

Stop listening to the old thoughts it is time to develop a brand new way of thinking


What is Your Financial Goal?

You’re probably trying to figure out where I am going now.  We were just talking about a new way of thinking was needed and now we are going into talking about financial goals.

Don’t worry we are not off track at all.  I just want to use this to show you that indeed we have to look at things a little different than the ways we know.

If I was to ask you what your financial goals were in life what are the first thoughts that come to your mind.

Usually the answers I receive are things such as, 

“I want security, knowing I have a good stable job so that I can provide for my family the best I can.”

“I want to be comfortable knowing that all my bills are paid and that I can hopefully have something to send my kids to college with and maybe even retire on someday.”

Those are the typical goals we have because that is usually what we have been taught as being successful in life.  Or that is all we knew or seen ourselves as able to achieve out of our lifetime of efforts.

We will come back to these ways of thinking in a few minutes but first let’s talk about what a financial goal really is.

You have to bear in mind that a goal is different from a wish. 

Remember back in our talk about setting goals I said that goals required action steps.  Well the same is holding true to your financial goals.  It requires effort and action to achieve your end result.

You may wish to be rich, but that doesn’t mean you’ve ever taken any practical steps to make it come true.

You’ve possibly even earned enough money to put some aside, but like most people, you’ve probably invested it with an eye toward security, since you can’t imagine yourself ever getting rich.

You may have dreamed about it or wished upon a falling star that one day you would be rich beyond your wildest imagination, but can you get beyond the imagination, and really see yourself living the lifestyle you really deserve?

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals


You need to understand the difference between these 3 financial goals before you can go about achieving them:

  • Job security
  • Financial security
  • Financial freedom

Job Security

Here is what Wikipedia says the definition is of Job Security: 

Job security is the probability that an individual will keep his or her job; a job with a high level of job security is such that a person with the job would have a small chance of becoming unemployed.

Job security is not always what it is cracked up to be.  It seems that it is dependent on economy, prevailing business conditions, and the individual's personal skills he or she may have.  Many including myself have found that people have more job security in times of economic expansion and less in times of a recession which in many times leads to job loss and layoffs.

When you are faced with a layoff you soon began to not believe so heavily on job security as being a smart financial goal to have.


Financial Security

When I am talking about financial security I really am not talking about anything more than I was when I was explaining job security except for the fact that you may not be living pay check to pay check and you are able to maintain your bills and still manage to put something away for your kid’s college tuitions and your own retirement.

The thing you need to understand about financial security is that it has and is controlled by some of the same conditions as job security does and if anything is out of alignment it can be taken away from you just as fast.

Sure you may be able to survive longer because you have a savings you can rely on for a time. 

What happens when the savings are gone and you still have not found that elusive Job Security in another job.


Financial Freedom


Many people think financial freedom is being rich or wealthy.  I disagree.  You can be wealthy and still not be financially free.

Being financially free to me means one is not worrying about money. 

Complete financial freedom would mean your income is automatic. If the economy takes a severe downturn or for some reason your job was taken away, or you just stopped working for an extended period of time, your life wouldn’t make a noticeable turn for the worse.

If for somehow your business fell apart you had the confidence to re-build it right back up

We have seen many strong business men and women lose everything and in no time build themselves back up to the same or even a higher income level than they had before.

Financial freedom opens up unlimited options and opportunities in your life such as where you want to live, where you go on your vacations, the things and the quality of the things you purchase.

I wish I could honestly say I have reached my goal of Financial Freedom as I type this.  We are closing in it but not quite there yet.

But when I stop and think about how far I have come in 4 years and the difference in the lifestyle I have now I know that my goal will be achieved.

I had to discover and achieve a whole new way of thinking before I was able to see past what had been engrained so deeply inside of me, and was keeping me from the financial freedom I deserve.

I lived my life along with many others with the belief that I would always be able to find work, and if I could just work enough hours and make a bunch of money that I would become wealthy one day.

In these hard economic times do you still believe in this myth?


Being Wealthy is a Mindset

"If all it takes to be wealthy is money....  Why is it that lottery winners will almost always end up right back in the same financial state they were in before they won the lottery?”

The reason is because being wealthy is a mindset. 

Now don’t get me wrong here, I totally believe that money is a critical part of wealth.  And anyone who tells you that it isn't plain and simply doesn't have any – period!

Important as it is, though, it's only a part of wealth, and deep down inside, you know (or at least suspect) this is true.

Most of the time the excuse we use for not having money is “I’m Not That Interested in Money”

What this really means is you’re not interested in making the life-transforming changes necessary to pull up your stubborn roots – to move beyond job security and toward financial freedom.

It is going to take some changes in your life and I am hoping at this point I have convinced you that you are ready to make those changes needed.

Financial Success Formula


Millionaire Coach X Proven System = Success

There is actually one part that most people leave out of that equation when they are teaching someone how to get started down the path of financial freedom.  It is not enough to make money, even if you have the best millionaire coach and are following his proven system.

How many millionaire coaches have you hired and how many of their millionaire systems have you tried to follow and still found yourself with the same end result, “NOTHING!”

Unless you understand it, have confidence in it and confidence in yourself, and the same winning mindset as your millionaire coach, you will never win.

Come Closer and Pay Attention:

Most of the Truly Successful People Are

  • Not any smarter than you
  • They're not any more gifted than you
  • They're not any luckier than you
  • And they don't work any harder than you

The reason they have what they have is because they have a different mindset.

If you are thinking you want to start down the same path to your own financial freedom, there is something that needs to happen first.

You must first understand how the rich think about money and how it differs from the poor and middle-class way of thinking.

Regardless of how much money you make, you will end up right back where you started if you don’t change your thoughts about money.


Give yourself permission

Don’t let old habits get the best of you and your finances.

I can tell you this from firsthand experience.

I keep telling you about this amazing successful 6 figure launch I had.  Well let me show you how amazing it was.

3 weeks after my son started coaching me I had created and launched my very first online digital product.  Within the next 30 days I would generate $104,349.  That was more money than I had ever made in 2 years of work let alone in a single month.

This was a pretty amazing way to get started.

Now you would think I would have had it made.

By all rights I should have been on the path to my own financial freedom that my son had found himself on.

After all I now had a product and a very successful launch and should be able to just duplicate the success and presto instant financial freedom.

Why is it then, within 5 months (actually more like 3 months) was I pretty much right back to where I had started?

I was pretty much living from payday to payday again.   The reason was because that is what I knew.  I was told and taught from my father’s life and so many others that when you had money you paid the bills, and as long as you had enough to make it to the next month to pay the bills again you were successful in life and that is all you needed or really deserved or should be able to ask out of life.

This was so deeply ingrained within me that I could not even see what was going on.

That’s what I knew.  That’s all I could see for myself.  My coach warned me of this time and time again but I continued on the way I had always known.  The lite bulb finally went on one day while attending one of my son’s live events.

I was listening to the speaker describe my life to a capital “T”.  He all of the sudden stopped and as though he was staring directly at me said, “Please the one that I am talking to right now, Please will you give yourself permission to live the lifestyle you deserve.   Give yourself permission to be rich with no limitations whatsoever!”

My business has never been the same since that day.  My life has completely turned around and the reason is, I gave myself the permission I needed to live the lifestyle I thought was only for others to live.


My entire life changed the moment I gave myself permission to succeed.


So stop waiting for others to give you permission.  “You Have Unlimited Potential Inside Of You Right Now!”

It is time to really discover the “Authentic You.”  You need to start dropping your defenses and face life as you are.

Either you are really stepping up to the plate or you are backing down.

I am sorry to be so to the point or brutal as some may call it, but there is not an in-between here.  Either you’re doing what needs to be done for you to achieve success, or you’re not.

Give yourself permission to succeed and make money without any limitations!

Have you really given yourself the same permission?


Developing the Million Dollar Mindset

Imagine for just a moment that this is your life:

  • Fulfilling and complete in every single area.
  • Every direction you look, you're firing on all cylinders and in complete harmony – financially, physically, mentally, spiritually, & your relationships.

What would that be worth to you? It'd be immeasurable wouldn't it? Well, let me tell you a secret...

Contrary to popular belief, it's not that hard to achieve.

You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and get yourself moving, because knowledge without action is a total waste of time.

The bottom line is this:  the right mindset will help you create amazing results in your life.  In fact, I absolutely guarantee it. 

It's going to take some commitment and work on your part.  If you just want to sit on your duff and listen, then nothing is going to happen for you.

Are you ready to do some work and begin some changes in your way of thinking?

Remember you are either stepping up to the plate or you are backing down.  There is no middle ground here.


Can you or can’t you?  You’re in control!

Begin fresh with a new way of thinking.  “I can get it done,” “I will get it done,” and most important, “I will find a way.”

If you say that you can’t, you are right!

You need to stop right now concentrating on all the things you can’t do or your weaknesses and start focusing on what you are strong in and the virtues you hold dear.

Before we really get started I want you to decide why it is you really want to achieve financial success. I want you to have that reason why it is important for you.  Not anyone else.  Why is it important for you!

 FailureI also want you to get a couple really good clear pictures in your mind.  The first picture I want you to get in your mind is the picture of the reward that you would receive if you make the necessary changes and achieve the success you deserve.

key to successWhat does that reward look like and feel like? 

  • Is it the way you will look and feel about yourself?
  • Is it the way your family and friends will look and feel towards you?
  • Is it a dream vacation or home that you have always thought about having?

Whatever you see the reward as being I want you to see it really clear. 


The second picture I want you to see is the picture of your life if you continue to accept this voice in your mind that keeps saying, “I can’t,” and it continues to keep setting you up for failure before you even start… what will be the consequences in your life if you do not achieve the success you desire and deserve?

Now ask which one is the better picture and which one do you want for your life.  When you see yourself in the mirror which will give you a better self-image?


Bringing Your Mind Under Control

Changing our mindset is not going to be something that just happens because we make the decision that indeed we have to change.

We have to begin to create a new belief that includes using conscious, controlled attention as the basis for keeping your mind chatter under control.

Remember it has taken sometimes years to get us thinking as we do right now.  Although it is not going to take years to change it will take some time.

I want to use my factory experience as an example of this.

The factory I was hired into was a union factory and it was obvious from the very beginning of my employment that the Union and company levels did not see eye to eye on many different levels.

It seemed like each other’s only goal they had in common was to make the other miserable and to disagree with the way the other side was thinking.

The company was suffering because work ethics were not what they should be and they were not being as productive and profitable as they should be.

The company was founded in 1927.  By the time I started working there it was well over 75 years in existence.  So you can imagine that after 75 plus years that a lot went on to get this factory employees and leadership s mindset to its current state.

I was asked to help out on a committee that would be engaged in looking for solutions to help put the company back on a better track.

The company was looking for immediate results, but had to come to the understanding that the current conditions and mindset of those at the plant had taken over 75 years to produce was not going to be changed overnight.

The ways of thinking were so deeply engrained in those that were involved that many didn’t even see that anything was even wrong.  It is just the way things had been for many years.

You also need to understand that your beliefs and ways of thinking probably are so deeply engrained within you from years of your own experiences that they are not going to be changed in a day, and that they will take a conscience and controlled effort on your part and also with those involved in your life.


Internal Support System

First, take a breath.  Calm yourself.  Let your mind become clearer. 

Remember that thoughts are just thoughts and worries are just worries – they aren’t reality.

Think of creating an internal supporter to sit at the committee table. 

Unlike your critic (who spends all his time looking for ways that you’re screwing up), this voice is one of encouragement.

This controlled voice might say:  “Hey, you’ve been here before.  You know what to do.  Don’t listen to those other guys!” 

Begin to use "affirmations" or sayings that you can say in the face of your negative mind chatter, to counteract it. Like, “I can do this,” or “I am good enough,” or “God doesn't make junk.  How can I make this work?  I will find a way!”


Watch and listen to your language – ESPECIALLY With Yourself


The next time you trip up or make a mistake, do your best to listen and really take notice of what you are saying to yourself.

Do you find yourself beating yourself up with words like; “Geesh, I am an idiot!  Why do I always do that?”

“Why is it that every time I try something, I seem to fail?”

When you look into the mirror or hear the words in your mind that you are choosing to say about yourself you are going to have to really make a conscience effort at listening to what you are saying.

When you hear yourself say anything negative about yourself or what you are trying to accomplish you are going to need to put a stop to it and counteract the negativity with something positive.

When you hear this kind of self-abuse you need to stop right in the middle of your verbal self-abuse and pretend that you are talking to a good friend who had just made the same mistake.

What would you say to your friend?

You'd probably say something more like this:

“Hey, you did the best you could.  Now it is time to pick your-self up and try again.” 

“Hey Friend at least you tried and gave it a great effort.  There is no shame in failing... only in failing to try.”

Always easy telling others how they should act isn’t it?

You’re going to slip up from time to time as you strive to too change your way of thinking.


 Be Forgiving of Yourself… Don’t beat yourself up!

Controlling the negative mind chatter takes time and you will slip up along the way. 

What happens, however, is this: the more you work toward a positive mindset, the more you will be able to sustain it.

Stop feeding the negative mind chatter and positive becomes your mindset.

Reinforce your positive thoughts with a reward. 

The size of the reward is not the focus here.  What you are trying to do is to reward yourself for your daily accomplishments for motivation and encouragement.

So every single time you hear the positive self-talk in place of negative acknowledge it with something positive even if it is nothing more than a smile and a self-pat on the back.


Surround Yourself With Positive People Get Rid of Negativity

TRUTH:  Either your relationships are truly supporting you or they are not.

We are pretty much taught by experience to put a premium on those few people who can truly appreciate you for the real person you are

Do not let others hold you down with all of their doubts and expectations; you have more strength and potential than anyone could possibly imagine.

Many times we find our self being beat up by others and thoughts of self-doubt being placed on us by those in our lives.

We have to make that same conscience effort in listening to those around us and what they are saying.

Outside support is critical to your success.  We all love and crave positive affirmation from those in our life.

Surrounding yourself with positive people will help you fight off the inner chatter that is negative and that limits your success.


Ask For Support from Others

Listen carefully to the messages of those around you. 

Are they delivering a positive or negative message to you?

Don’t be afraid to tell those around you what you are striving for and ask for their support.

Not always but most of the time you will find that if you take the time to really help those around you understand what it is you are trying to achieve they will come along side of you and cheer you on and help in any way they can.

Remember I told you I thought, and actually did have many people telling me that I would not make it on my own without the help of my son.

By listening to this I was feeding my mind with doubts and fears.  I was limiting my own success. 

Once I learned to listen to what others were saying I was able to combat that with my response and my actions.

I still remember being at an event in Orlando Florida when a person walked up to me and actually said I would still be in the same pathetic position they were if it would not have been for my coach and that it was not fair for me to be talking to others about my success because it wasn’t my success it was my coaches success.

What came out of my mouth next was something brand new compared to any previous words of response to similar conversations.

I told them they are right to appoint.  It is true that I would not be doing what I am now if it was not for my coaches knowledge, help and encouragement, and believing that his father was worthy of the same success he was enjoying.

I told him I have listened to people for way to long tell me how I would fail on my own without Keith and that, they were correct on that part as well. 

You see, I didn’t know how to run a successful Internet business as I had never done anything like it before.  I needed help from someone that has reached the place I am trying to get to and has the understanding of how to get there.

I then proceeded to explain they needed to stop discouraging me and start supporting me, and that if they want to succeed in this business that they better  start following the example that I was leading, and  find a coach to be in their corner or they might as well hang it up.  Then of course I offered to help that person out.

Just for the record that person is still wandering around discouraged and trying to tear everyone else down instead of doing what needs to be done to achieve the success he wanted.

The worst part of this situation to me is that this man has put himself into the situations he needs to find himself in many times.

He has been to several offline events, and has been in the midst of those he should be keeping company with.


You Become Who You Spend Time With


There's never been a more important moment in your lifetime than now to take an inventory of the people you surround yourself with.

You need to get to a place where you can meet, connect and create longstanding relationships with harmonically-minded people – with people who have and are going to continue to accomplish amazing things.

These are the types of relationships that are going to encourage and serve you, as opposed to those relationships that ultimately get you nowhere.

Think about it.  Wouldn't it be great to surround yourself with those people who are successful in any economic climate and choose to create what they want in their life?

To get inside the minds of those people who prosper no matter what's going on around them, and to learn the strategies to their success?

This man I talk about was there in the midst of those he needed to be hanging out with and learning from.  He just could not get to the point of pulling himself up by the bootstraps and doing what he needed to do.

It was easier for him to just go around and try and tear down those he seen living the life he could not see for himself.

Think about it.  Doesn't it simply make sense that you could achieve a whole lot more in your life if you could take advantage of the knowledge, experience and success of someone who has “been there” and “done that”?

“Yes, you can create a future filled with happiness and contentment in all areas of your life – financially, relationally, mentally, physically and spiritually!”

Most people have all the nuts and bolts they need.

Often, the difference between the people who achieve this level of total happiness and wealth and those who fall short is simply a lack of direction…a helping hand from a mentor or coach, and a Million Dollar Mindset!

My wish for you is that you create a million dollars, AND that you also create a million-dollar lifestyle in the process...

What's a million-dollar lifestyle?

It's having financial abundance, with ultimate peace of mind, truly connected relationships, optimum health and fitness, and a spiritual connection beyond description.

This is the kind of wealth you deserve.

Then (and only then), you can truly say you're "wealthy."  Are you with me?

You see, you can go after just the money (and you might get rich), but does that guarantee you'll be wealthy or that you won’t end up right back to where you started?

You need more than that….  You need a million-dollar lifestyle and mindset.



Change your mindset

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