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Online Marketing Strategy that will Never Fail You: Increase Web Traffic for Free

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Looking for additional ways to increase the number of visitors coming on your website? Check the following suggestions:

1. Submit videos on Youtube.

As you may already know, Youtube is one of the most visited and popular sites in the Internet. Take advantage of it and post some videos regarding your website or your products adding a link into the description. To extend the benefits of this technique, create a series of videos and make sure that you are doing all you can to promote them.


2. Create Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Not all people are surfing the Internet to look for some blogs or products. However, you can be sure that a large number of web users are logging in to their social media accounts. With this, you can definitely use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to extend your campaign for your website. In addition, you can link your social media accounts to your website, so people can visit your site through Facebook and Twitter.


3. Use Twitter as your main marketing tool.

 Twitter reaches millions of people in just a second. Just look at how massive a certain campaign would be if Twitter is the chosen medium. One post and you can you’re your followers visiting your website.


4. Submit helpful content to several article directories.

The secret to being an online authority is providing valuable tips, advice or information through your articles. Hint: make good use of the PLR content sitting in your computer!


5. Post on your blogs as often as possible.

 Being an active blogger helps you attract people and build your own loyal visitors over time. Because of this, you need to post your blogs on your website as often as possible. But don’t forget: content is the King. Be unique to what you post and/or in the way you post it.


6. Comment on some of the most visited blogs related to your niche.

 Experts recommend that you post as many comments as you can on other blogs. First, you just need to look for the most visited blogs related to your topics. Then, you have to include them to your RSS reader so that you’ll know first-hand if the author posts a blog on his website. Finally, make sure that you’ll post an appropriate comment on the blog.


7. Create RSS feeds and submit them to directories.

 RSS feeds help people keep an eye on your website activities. An RSS feed that will draw their interest will certainly end up as increased traffic for your website.


8. Join forums

Some people spend a great deal of time looking at some websites that offer your kind of services. Use the forums as your promotional tools – be sure to comply to each forum’s rules though.


9. Provide freebies to your visitors.

 You can hold contests and provide prizes to your visitors. Or just give away a present. Create a list in your autoresponder, then just install Turbo List Builder on your site for creating the list building page you need in order to run your give away. If you have not yet ordered Turbo List Builder then you may check this site:


10. Submit your sitemap to various search engines.

 Your sitemap allows search engines to index your website and include it to the top results page whenever a user looks for a related keyword.
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