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FiverrTacticsTop 5 reasons to use paid advertising

Some people avoid paid advertising like the devil holy water.  That's why I wrote this article in which I to show you some benefits of using paid advertising if you are haven't started yet:

1. You are the BOSS

You can set your own budget, you can create your ads, you decide who to target your searchers, you decide what strategy to use, you make your research. Actually, you are the boss of your traffic - you decide where to come from and what to trigger the traffic to come and buy your stuff. You can also control your traffic "working time" - if you don't want traffic on weekends, you can stop it.

2. It is really fast

You can start a campaign in less than 1 hours, which means that in the next 24 hours your website will start getting as much traffic as you want. You don't have to wait weeks before you see your page on the first place of the search engine to get some traffic. Just plug n play your campaign and soon you will get more business. Play your cards right and you can fill your business with the right customers in less than a week.
This will also help you to build you brand awareness and authority very fast.

3. Laser Targeted Ads

If you want proper clients in no time, you can start with paid advertising. It can give you the exact type of people who you want – 25 years old man from New York with $100000 profit per year with two kids and married (of course, you can target more than this). That’s why your first job is to find out the characteristics of your targeted audience, then it will be easy to reach them.

4. Optimize for more

Yes, you can do that. Most of the companies give you the opportunity to kill the ads which are not leading to good business for you and save those that bring you what you want. The other benefit is that this can help you cut your expenses sometimes in a half or even more and still generate sales.

5. More data

Using advertising platforms can help you to find out more information about your business – what people like, what people want more, want you can upsell and so on. This information is precious and you should get it as soon as possible. I don’t say that you can’t have it with free traffic, but it will take much more time before you can get enough data to make the conclusions.
I am sure that now you can see the big opportunity which paid advertising is giving to all of us. You just have to do some clicks and you will have traffic which you want. Don’t hesitate, you are losing money every second. It still amazes me that a lot companies spend thousands of dollars each year on traditional marketing methods that have no real tracking whatsoever. Take newspaper advertising for example, a full page ad can be relatively expensive compared to online marketing and worst of all, there is no accurate way to track how successful these expensive ads actually are. With paid search marketing, every ad, every keyword, and best of all, every dollar spent can be tracked down to the cent. This allows for very accurate ROI and ROAS* (return on ad spend) tracking and makes paid search marketing that much more essential for any business.
 * ROAS is a  metric to evalutate the performance of an Business account.  ROAS measures how many dollars you get back on each dollar spent on advertising. While ROI (return on investment) can give you an overall picture, ROAS will provide specific performance measurements for each marketing channel. By using ROAS, you may also apply it at the campaign, ad group, and keyword levels, which creates better direction for optimizations and cutting unprofitable areas.  

Calculating ROAS

The formula for ROAS is:
(Revenue – Cost) / Cost

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