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This is a Video Training Course where Arron Williams, teaches you how to set up a review page, review products and make money with it. He wants you to reach the goal of making 7k in the summer. Arron is a seasoned internet marketer who earns money with his review blog. He explains everything plain and in a manner, where you can reproduce his methods and earnings.

7k Summer Affiliate
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This Summer might be your start to a profitable business.

7k Affiliate Summer Affiliate training

Arron Williams gives an excellent overview on the review business. And teaches you step by step how to set up a site and then the course really starts:





Module 1: Understanding the New Affiliate system

Module 2: In-depth look at science behind the Sales

Module 3: Setting Things up to Profit

Module 4: Using Video to Record Affiliate Campaigns 

Module 5: Getting Free Traffic

Module 6: The Calender Method

Special Training: Getting traffic

+ Case Studys


These Topics are all interresting and informative. The methods work.  Arron is a experienced marketer and earns money with his review site himself. He is very organised and I copied the calender method for myself.

Creator: Arron Williams

Type: Video Coursereviews

  • comprehensive Training for Beginners (for beginners only)
  • step by step training
  • for any Review Niche
  • various traffic sources
  • a bit repetitive
  • no SEO explained
Key Features:
  • Beginners Training for Review Sites
  • Step by Step Training
  • Case Studys included

Membersarea 7k Summer Affiliate






Is it for Beginners? Beginners friendly – the course brings you from beginner to intermediate.
Can it be used for any Niche? No. Review Niche. Specially: Inernet Marketing Products.

Is it woth it? It is a sound investment.

Will I make money with it? Arron want to bring you up to speed and earn 7k this summer. So modestly: Yes you can make money with what Arron teaches.

If you are a Beginner or Newbie and want to know what the Review business is all about,  what are the tasks and what work is involved - this is for you. If you want to set up a review site, then this is a very good course for you...better then a lot of trainings where in the end you don`t know what to do with it.

If you have already something running and are earning money you can skip this. Maybe "Authotity Site Traffic Boost" is rather something for you.


You can buy 7k Summer Affiliate  here.


This could be a real start for you in a profitable business.

Click here to get 7k Summer Affiliate

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