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As an affiliate Marketer promoting Products does not just mean getting Comission, it also means to give the vendor people from your List AND give him new people which will never end up on your List although they came through your link….until now.


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Creator: Brett Rutecky Type: Cloud based Software and Trainingreviews
  • Get a Buyers list
  • Good for any Niche available on JUZoo
  • Detailed Information about your Customers
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Easy to use
  • only integrates with AWebber and MailChimp (for the others the e-Mail list has to be down loaded)
Key Features:
  • Beginners friendly – you can start from scratch.
  • Easy to set up
  • Must have Tool since you develop a buyers List
  • You get Statistics on Your Buyers
  • Training for Beginners to Advanced

What is Affiliate Trax? It is a Cloud based software which will give you an “Pixel” which you can insert in the Vendor JvZoo Payment page. From now on every BUYing Customer (referred by you) is getting on your Cloud based List. It will also tell you how much this Customer spend. It integrates with AWebber, and MailChimp and needs to be downloaded for the rest. There is an easy Instuctions Video explaining everything.

As a second Part of this Software, there is an extensive Training Section from 2 TOP Affiliates: Brett Rutecky (the developer of the Software)  with Mike from Maine.
You get 2 complete and different trainings on Affiliate Marketing
+ It includes 2 Case Studies. It does not get better than this.


Is it for Beginners? Beginners friendly – you can start from scratch.

Can it be used for any Niche? Yes and No. It is valid for everything sold on JvZoo.

Is it woth it? It is a bargain for this Price.

Will I make money with it? First you need to get people to buy the vendors product. Then it will help you increase your income exponentialy.


Affiliate Trax is probably THE must have” Software for the next years. No flaws all Function.[Disclosure: I bought it. It works. I love it.]

I think is well worth investing in for anyone in the IM space.

At the moment I can give you a 50% Discount Code so this purchase is a no brainer!

Click here to get Affiliate Trax

Technical Inspection and Functional Testing O.K.

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