Reevio Video Maker
....- The Creators  moved the release of this Software to "Whoknowswhen"! -.... Video is probaply the most important thing right afer a wordpress blog / site. But the Guys from Reevio don`t get it done.

Reevio Video Maker

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Creator: Don Maynard
Type: Cloud based Software
  • Not out!
Key Features:
  • Cloud based
  • ample Templates
  • Drag and Drop
  • Training

What is Reevio? Reevio is a video maker. And it is the first ever fully complete web based video making platform. Which means Reevio has the horsepowers to edit the videos, so we don`t need high end Computers.

It has templates which make it easy to create something for facebook ads, explainer videos, slideshows marketing, or basic elements.



Reevio Video Maker would be probaply O.K. but since it was never released VIDDYOZE 2.0 Animation Maker is a good alternative to it.

Have a look here: Animation Maker

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