Video Course Cash KIT

Video Course: Cash Kit

This Course is a very comprehensive video training that covers how John Shea starts out his course creation and in the end is earning money with it. It is a recommended Course because it shows every aspect you need to know to start this business.

Video Couse: Cash Kit
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CashCourse-incomeThis is an excellent time to pick up this product hence anyone today can take the most simple idea and turn it into a course. In video course cash kit John Shea shows you how even his girlfriend Brendalyn who had never made a course in her life took a simple idea and turned it into a course.

Brendalyn didn’t have a blog, read about advertising or anything. She even used a cell phone to record the entire class! It couldn’t have been more easy for a beginner.

Video Course Cash Kit is Step-By-Step video training that teaches you How To Create Your Own Video Training Products put them on sites like Udemy, SkillShare and others.

You don’t need to know anything special, there are millions of people eager to learn and study just waiting to for new courses. You don’t need any prior experience in teaching.
You don’t need an idea to get started - while watching this Cash Kit Course, John gives you enough ideas and he also explains how to come up with them.
And, you NEVER have to show your face on camera if you don’t want to.

Without a huge budget, you can follow this training and get ststarted.

No stone is left unturned, and you can start making money right away from just a small amount of simple “work” that ANYONE can do.

Yes you will have to put some effort initially but when you think about it, isn’t it more smart to do a some work once and get paid over and over instead of punching a time clock every day to make someone else rich?

Watch the short Demo below:

Creator: John Shea

Type: Video Coursereviews

  • comprehensive Training
  • for Beginners
  • for veteran internet Marketers
  • for any Niche
  • better than a Case Study
  • a true passive income source
  • the threshold to do it, is a bit higher than just buying clicks.
  • the introduction video is very quiet. - In the next videos the sound is O.K.
Key Features:
  • Coming up with product ideas
  • What equipment you need to record
  • Publishing on the platforms and how each of them works
  • How to promote your courses successfully
  • Moving content from one platform to another to make even more profit from multiple marketplaces

As a second Part it includes 2 bonus interviews:

  • I interview with Howard Lynch who has created over 100 mini Skillshare classes and makes over $3000/month on the platform!
  • I interview with Rob Cubbon who is a very successful Udemy instructor.


Watch some income proof of John Shea below:

Is it for Beginners? Beginners friendly – you can start from scratch.

Can it be used for any Niche? Yes any Niche.

Is it woth it? It is a sound investment.

Will I make money with it? Definetly. You need a camera, a mic that is it. Follow the instructions and earn money.


For experienced internet marketers it is a chance because you probaply have TONS of ideas and can come up with new courses pretty quickly.

And for the Start ups, it is a game changer, since it is abusiness modell you can incorporate everywhere.

You can buy video course cash kit here.

I wish you all the best of luck with your course creation efforts and I know this could be a real game changer for many of you struggling online.


Click here to get Video Course: Cash Kit

Video Course Cash KIT Technical Inspection and Functional Testing O.K.
Jules Jager interviews the mind behind VideoCourse: Cash KIT - John Shea

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