The 9 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Clueless about increasing your website traffic? Follow these tips and make your way to a successful and profitable website.
Increase Website Traffic Tip #1: Make your website unique.
You need to constantly remind yourself about this one. Most website owners today fall into a lack of creativity that makes them a member of a bandwagon. If you don’t want to be like those people who act as copycats with their websites, you need to exercise uniqueness and creativity all throughout your website. Make sure that you’re always thinking of new ways on how to market your product.

Increase Website Traffic Tip #2: Advertise your website.
Formulate promotional campaigns that will make people notice that your website still exists. These may be in the form of typical ads and banners but you can always go beyond the usual by creating online games that will promote your product or service.
Increase Website Traffic Tip #3: Arrange forum events and contests.
Quite unbelievably, forum events and contests can be totally cost-free. Try organizing contests with your website where your visitors can participate. If you’re worried about the prizes and freebies, you can go for stuffs like free ebooks, advertisements and software. Or if you have a few money to spare, you can give away pens or shirts. Use a tool like Turbo List Builder to create your list building page and run your contest.

Increase Website Traffic Tip #4: Post comments on related blogs.
Make sure that you’ll regularly post helpful comments on some of the hottest blogs these days. If possible, try to be the first to comment on the blog, since more people will come to see what you have posted in the end.

Increase Website Traffic Tip #5: Take advantage of high traffic days.
There are certain times when your website will produce high traffic, but there are also times when it doesn’t. This is why you need to take advantage of those times that people are actually digging your website. Create several articles and post them on your site. Follow up on your posts and make sure that you’ll completely tap those high traffic generated by your website. You can even shoot video blogs or tutorials that you can post on your website.
Increase Website Traffic Tip #6: Market your articles.

Marketing your articles should involve linking it to various websites, optimizing with the right keywords and finally, posting your articles online to check if search engines will place it on the top results page.

Increase Website Traffic Tip #7: Do what successful webmasters do.
Observe what the winners do and follow their actions. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll imitate their designs and strategies. As much as possible, establish your own style.

Increase Website Traffic Tip #8: Write newsletters for your customers.
Newsletters will help you further provide services to your readers via emails. Publish electronic newsletters regularly, every week for example.

Increase Website Traffic Tip #9: Establish affiliates.
Exchange services, links, commissions and banner ads with your affiliates.
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