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The Product Launch


Big Launch

The big launch is nothing more than setting a date and time when all of your JV Partners will launch together with a big bang.

Creating and launching your own product can be one of the most rewarding and challenging things that you can do.

If executed correctly the rewards and benefits can be massive.

If unexecuted correctly the let-down can be overwhelmingly devastating.  This is the scenario that is most experienced by most trying to execute a product launch for the first time.

One Big Sales Page

Think of your product launch as one big sales page.

Every element of a sales page has purpose, timing and one mission – and that is to very strategically lead you from the attention-grabbing headline to the buy button at the end.

A product launch needs to be the same. 

Everything you do in preparation leading up to the big launch day must have a purpose and a timing that starts out grabbing the market’s attention and strategically leading them to the big launch, ready to look for the buy button.

Think of watching a great movie that grabs your attention and keeps drawing you in right up to the big climax at the end.

The Launch Process

 The basic product launch has a specific flow pattern that you can follow starting with creating your product, and putting the systems into place for everything to work properly and for automation.

Of course none of this can happen if you still have not figured out what Niche you are going to create a product for yet.

We have covered the first three actions previously throughout our lessons so let’s get into actually preparing for the big day.


The Launch Flow Process

 The Launch flow Process

 There are 3 stages that we will be covering that need special attention provided for in order to have a successful launch.

Product launch Stages


 Pre-launch is the warming up or seeding the market phase of your launch process.

This pre-launch process is where the word of mouth and buzz begins to spread the news of the big grand opening or launch of your product. The pre-launch process is what creates the amazing backdrop for your launch. The pre-launch is extremely important, because it creates anticipation that prepares people for what's coming next.

The Pre-Launch Stage not only creates early awareness of your product that is ready for market, it is also where you begin to do some list building by creating a pre-launch list.

This list is a subset of the main lists you will be building throughout the launch process.  This list will be a list containing just those prospects that have opted in at some point before the launch and have expressed some level of interest in what you have to offer

This early community of people can be used as leverage to validate your product and effectiveness of your marketing messages.  You can also use this list of people to uncover any major questions, concerns, or objections that you did not anticipate that will need to be addressed.

When it is time for your launch, you want your market to already know your name and the value you offer.  You want them to already have started to build the trust factor with you.  Remember that some of the trust factor will also come from the trust they have in the JV partners you have that will be recommending your product to their list at launch time.

A great way to build this trust factor and develop credibility before the launch is to send out very good content authored by you.

Create a great PDF or some videos that offer awesome content.  You can give these to your JV Partners to start sending out to their lists during the pre-launch.

The main aim or goal of this report is to make people aware of your product and create excitement and anticipation about its launch.

This free report should be about 15-20 pages long and should be directly related to your product you are about to launch.   Don’t create something off topic to try and generate interest.  Stay on topic as more people will be interested in buying the main product when it launches.   This report also has to be of high value.  Don’t send out crap and expect that everyone is going to be in awe of what you may have to offer.  Remember this report is the free taste of what is to come.  It has to be something that is created following the same criteria for creating an irresistible offer.

If you are looking to really get this report rolling and creating a buzz try and come up with a topic that is a little on the controversial side of your topic. The most successful product launches have used a controversial topic for the free report because it will increase the circulation around the internet.

The biggest way to get it circulating to the masses is to get JV partners sending it out to their lists for you.

If you want to recruit more joint venture partners in sending out your report for you a good way to go about this is to brand the free report with the affiliate or JV partners affiliate links that will lead to the product once it is launched.  During this process the affiliate’s link will go to an early signup or pre-notification list that will send out an early message to the one signing up that the sales page is live offering them first chance. This is an easy way to encourage more people to send your free report to their list because they will be cookied through their affiliate link and earn a commission for each sale that they generate when someone reads the report and clicks on the enclosed link.

These reports also help your JV partners to do well promoting. 

They just say, “Remember this guy you got this great content from?  You should check out his product that just launched today.”

You will also get the reaction from the market that if the free stuff you are giving away is this good, “I can only imagine what the paid stuff is that he wants me to pay for!”

One thing to always remember while creating buzz for any launch is that, after your launch is over to keep this buzz going and start preparing them for what is coming next.  Keep the momentum you just built going.


Creating Buzz for Your Product Launch

 If you want to create buzz for your new product, create an event around it.

Your product launch needs to be something that will cause others to stand up and take notice of what is going on.  People like to attend events.  Of course all of this is based on the assumption that you have something worthy of a lot of attention and you know for sure when it will be available to the public.  Setting up an opportunity or event for potential customers to take notice of your upcoming launch is a key ploy to building reputation, getting the word out, and creating that desire to purchase the moment your product is live.

Creating buzz is the ability to spread awareness for your product or service through word-of-mouth.  The goal is to create enough positive buzz that it feeds back into your business success.

Creating buzz is of vital importance for your success of any launch especially if you are looking to experience the Big Bang effect.

There are many tools for you to effectively use that will help you create the buzz you are looking to create.  Tools to create buzz include blogs, podcasts, social networks, social media, press releases, JV Partners, etc.

Most all successful online businesses are finding that in the age of blogs, social networking sites, and video-sharing communities, that creating a viral campaign for their upcoming product paunch has enormous potential for generating buzz. In fact, it has become a very vital component for marketing a new product

Sounds simple, right?  It is and it isn’t, but you just need to know these two things:

  • You have to do it, and not enough people do
  • You have to keep doing it, and too many people give up


Solicit Feedback from Your Market

 Many of the tools mentioned above are great places to start soliciting feedback from your market.  Some of the best places to use are Twitter, Facebook, webinars and teleseminars, and also your blog.

First you must have a reason for people to contact you and start giving you feedback.  Get people interacting with you during the whole launch process in any way that you can.

Try something like, “Do you have any questions about this?” Or “What is your experience with this?”  Take comments and questions that people have and address them in a way to build even more buzz.

Next you take that feedback and use it is as social proof of what others are saying about your new launch coming up.

You will be much farther ahead than if you just said, “Hey, this thing is going to be great and you would be crazy to miss out!”

Create Anticipation for Your Launch Event

 The best thing you can do to create buzz is to create a great anticipation for the release of your product and creating this anticipation leading right up to your launch date when the buy now button goes live on your sales page.

If you really take a good look at all successful product launches you will notice they have done a great job of building anticipation for the release of their product.  If you really are looking to generate a huge surge of sales during the launch of your product, you need to create anticipation so that when it finally goes on sale people will already know about it and will be ready to whip out the credit card and hit the buy now button without any hesitation.

Anticipation leading up to a launch is one factor that all successful product launches have in common.

I have listed a few ways that will be effective in creating this kind of anticipation.


  • Create and harness the power of anticipation for your event
  • Send out several “teaser” bits of information about the product
  • Carefully release new information about the product
  • Show pictures of what this awesome product looks like
  • Sample video clips of product content
  • Create social proof by directing people to a blog to start talking about your 
  • product, so others can see all the talk going on
  • Show testimonials

The best thing you can do for yourself is to stop complaining about all of the product launches and actively participate by following them and recording everything you see happening in the big product launches that show consistency from launch to launch.  These things that you see happening over and over again are the things that are working.

Something else that really works to build anticipation is to create the big countdown to launch time.   The first thing you will need to do in this process is to of course have the product finished and ready to go so that you for sure will be prepared once the countdown has finished.  Nothing can harm your efforts more than building a big anticipation and then letting everyone down.

After you have created your product you need to set the launch date.  Again make sure that this launch date will give you the proper time to have everything completed and ready to go.  Remember that things will happen unexpectedly, so make sure you have planned in extra time for these unplanned mishaps.

Once your product is finished and the launch date has been set it is time to create a temporary home page for your website with a countdown timer. This will clearly show visitors when the product will go on sale to start building up the anticipation and excitement for your launch.

One of the most important elements of this page besides the countdown timer is an explanation of what is about to happen.  One the best ways to do this is to create a short video presentation about you and your product which explains exactly who you are and what your product is all about.  Let your audience know how your product works, what it does, and why people need it. Focus on the main benefits of your product. This can be one of the most important parts of your product launch because it’s a very powerful way of creating anticipation in your target market.

Creating Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful psychological mechanism by which we look to others to guide our own actions.  We have discussed creating social proof before and here we are again right back to discussing it again as a very important part of the launch process as well.

People will do things that they see other people are doing.  If you want people to buy your product the best way to do so is to get them to see that others are buying it as well.

One of the most powerful things you can incorporate into your launch is social proof.

It is a proven fact that when someone lacks clear direction in certain situations, it is human nature to make the assumption that others around us possibly know more than we do about the particular situation we are lacking the direction in. This usually leads us to deem those we see participating in a situation that we lack experience in as being better informed than us. 

This form of social influence can lead to conformity of large groups of people, a phenomenon referred to as herd behavior.  We find ourselves in an unfamiliar setting, where we’re unsure what choice to make, so we look to see what everyone else in the herd is doing.  Social proof is important in launches because you’re introducing something new and often unknown to people.

One of the best ways to start generating social proof is to drive people to a blog or a forum and get them commenting so that others will read and want to add their comments.

People will start to get excited about something just because they see others getting excited.  As humans we do not want to be excluded from anything, especially if it has the element of a great event that is about to take place.

In fact many times social proof is so important to some people that they will decide they want your product primarily because someone else they know is using it or wants it.  May people being drawn in by social proof that is created during the pre-launch and launch process will feel more important to have what other people have over actually taking the time to look at all the available options or to look at the product at all.

You will want to use social proof with your customers as well as with your JV Partners.

Not only do you want your customers buying your products because everyone else is, but you want your JV Partners to feel like they will be missing out on something big if they don’t jump on the bandwagon to promote as well.

Make sure you are always telling you’re JV Partners who else is promoting for you.


Perceived scarcity will generate demand.  It is just part of human psychology to want to have something that others don’t have and to not be left out of something they see as maybe being of importance.

A great way to create scarcity is to create the felling for those that are getting involved early or maybe that are on a list you have already to feel that you want your most valued users to get the attention they deserve right through the launch.  It’s human nature that people in general like getting attention and feeling important. Also a part of human psyche is the fact the people fear scarcity or losing or missing out on something.

For example, saying offers are available for a "limited time only" encourages sales.

Maybe you say, “I am only letting so many people in.  If you do not act fast you will be left out in the cold!”

Creating scarcity is really nothing more than implying that something is limited or restricting the supply of something that you are selling to create a perception of shortage.

This becomes even more effective if it is bundled up with your promotional offer, such as a discount or bonuses that are limited to just a few fast action takers, or limited to just those that are your valued customers.

I am sure that you know that people are indecisive or slow about making their decisions and often end up being too late.  This may even be you yourself we are talking about right now so you know this to be true.  By using scarcity effectively it puts the potential buyer in a spot where they become more inclined to jumping for it rather than “thinking about it and coming back later and facing the chance of missing out all-together”.

If they are on your lists already you will have an advantage in using scarcity because those on your list have already proved they are interested in your services. Give them a great offer for a limited time and they might just be more inclined to say “heck, why not!”

You can create scarcity by limiting the quantity of whatever it is that you're selling. But I recommend that you be careful and really put some thought into the reason you would do this before you actually make this decision.  I usually don't like to do that because it limits the amount of money that I can make during the launch of the product.

One of the only times I will really use this method is when I have created a Private Label Rights product and I want to portray that I am keeping the value of the product high for the limited amount of people that have bought the product.

When creating scarcity I usually prefer to limit the amount of time people have to actually take advantage of the product offer I am presenting. So I set a deadline, after which the price will be higher. And I offer extra bonuses that people will no longer get after the deadline.

Pre-Notification List

Get people to raise their hands up early.  Your pre-notification list is nothing more than creating a sub-list of people that are more likely to buy from you during the actual launch

Something special about the pre-notification list is that you can send specific messages to these people and make them feel like they are the elite.  You can be very effective using the social proof and scarcity elements with this list as we have just talked about.

You can easily create the effect that those on this list will be the first to know when the Sales Page is live and have first opportunity to get in on your limited offer thus creating the effect that they are being treated special and getting something others are not.

Effectively map out your pre-launch communication plan that reaches out to the individuals on your early notification list prior to launch. This may include early access to product information, downloads to special reports, videos, etc., to build anticipation around the upcoming launch day. In the days leading up to your launch, and when launch day comes, send out your emails that create a sense of immediacy and scarcity.

To set up a pre-notification list you will need to drive all traffic to a squeeze page to give away something of great value and to give the opportunity for your visitor to feel it is important to join this list to stay on top of everything that is happening leading up to your launch and to receive early notification of the launch before anyone else.

Your pre-notification list is nothing more than an opportunity to begin the pre-sell process with a group of people that are already expressing interest in your product or service that is about to be launched.

You can begin sending out emails to these individuals of people on this list that will continue the pre-selling process.

None of these e-mails you will be sending out to this group of people should be hype-filled sales messages. You will want to do nothing more than giving out or asking for good solid information in each one.

What I am referring to when I say to ask for good solid information is nothing more than asking them for feedback.  Once you have this feedback you can then use it to your advantage by sending out more emails letting others know what you have discovered and learned in the feedback you have received, and to use it as a way to create social proof and buzz.

As you begin to get closer to the launch day, the frequency of the e-mails you are sending out usually increases and you will begin to talk in more specifics about the product and the offer itself.

Continue to communicate with not only this list of pre-qualified buyers that  you have built, but also with your JV partners to get them to keep driving traffic to help you build this list. Let your JV partners know exactly what’s coming and why they should continue to send you traffic.  It is very important to keep giving them reasons to mail to their lists multiple times during this pre-launch phase as well as the actual launch. The best way to do that is to give them a series of pre-launch content pieces to be released at different times that will add tremendous value to their lists.

One of the big reasons that starting a pre-notification list are so crucial is because you’ll be relying on these early buyers to get into the social Medias they use and start spreading the word about your product and the extreme value they have found it to be as soon as they get their hands on it.  This goes a long way in helping you create even more social proof that indeed others are buying.


Creating Your Affiliate Program

There are many ways and scripts that you can use to create your affiliate program.

Some of the scripts you can use are the Butterfly Marketing Script, Amember Script, or Motivated Marketing Script.  But unless you are familiar on how to use these scripts or prepared to shell out some cash or partner up with someone that is familiar with these scripts I recommend that you start out using Clickbank, PayDotCom, or 1ShoppingCart to set up your products and to use the affiliate programs they have available.

Each one of your JV partners or affiliates that promotes your product will have a unique affiliate link that he will use throughout the promotion.  Let me explain a little bit about how the affiliate link works

An affiliate link is a unique link given to one person that will give him/her credit for a resulting sale.

When someone clicks on that unique link, something called a cookie is dropped on that person’s computer.  This, in turn, tells the affiliate program which affiliate made the resulting sale.

I suggest using something simple for your first product such as Clickbank. Clickbank will easily create this link through what is known as a hop link.  The affiliate signs up and creates a Clickbank account and will go through the process of creating an affiliate ID.  This ID will be used within the hop link created identifying each affiliate promoting your product.

When your affiliate clicks to promote your product from the Clickbank marketplace they will be taken to this box where they will enter their own Clickbank ID and click create to generate their own unique hop link or affiliate link to promote for you.

Promote Products

Using Clickbank, you will also leverage the entire database of current Clickbank affiliates.


Marketing Plan and Materials for the JV Partners and Affiliates


Create Urgency

JV Partner Area

  • JV blog
  • Create JV invitation (use of video is to your advantage)
  • Sales letter style invitation for a webpage
  • Email invitation to send as well


Create a Joint Venture Page for JV Partners and Affiliates

Create a simple sign-up page that you will send to your joint venture partners. 

When they sign up, you can send them follow-up emails to keep them in the loop about your launch.

This page should also include product details and details about a joint venture contest (if you have one).

Make an Affiliate Tools Page

This is the page where you have all your sample promotional tools that affiliates and Joint Venture Partners can use. Make it as easy as possible for your JV Partner to promote.

An affiliate tools page makes promoting your product easier for them.  This is always an essential component for any product launch.

Be open to offering any other tools that JV Partners suggest.

Here are some suggestions of tools you can create to help JV partners and affiliates promote your product during the launch.

Affiliates Tool Page

Do not be limited to just what I have recommended above.  Begin to think outside the box and be creative.

Sign up as an affiliate to other product launches and see what others are doing to help their partners promote.

The JV Contest

Everyone loves some good friendly competition and the bragging rights that go along with the competition when they win.

Make your JV contest fun to participate and promote.

A good way to come up with prizes for a JV contest is to come up with a theme.  If it is winter time you might want to look at adding ski packages or winter sports equipment to the prize packages as an example. 

Many times the JV contest really is nothing more than just offering cash prizes to the top promoters in the launch event.

Give updates on top partners’ competing status during launches as they start to make sales and get in line for prizes.

Make sure that each day you are giving updates as to who is in the lead and who is right on the leader’s tail.  Make it fun and enjoyable for the partners to enjoy a good competition.

This gets everyone worked up and in a competitive mood when they see one of their close friends or competitors pull ahead of them in a competition.

A good JV contest will motivate partners to do the work and send emails that they promised to send when they agree to promote.  It will get them to start adding in bonus offers to increase their conversions and make more sales when they see someone pulling ahead of them.

Many times you find that people feel that having a competition is not in the budget for their product launch when they are first starting out.  I have to agree this was my first reaction but after I seen the competition in operation and the amount of sales that would not have been generated during the launch if it had not been for  me getting in there and driving the competition for maximum effect I soon decided something completely different.

When you see yourself having a 6 figure launch because everyone is excited to win the competition and doing everything they can to win it all of the sudden becomes something you see as being effective and something that you can afford to add to your launch process.

Here are a couple of examples you can use to keep your contest revved up.


Today was another great day, with sales coming in at a steady pace at all hours of the day today.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and as you've probably heard, Tuesday is a great time to send an email to your list!  On Monday they're playing catch-up, but on Tuesday they're ready to get down to business and they are most likely to open their email in the morning.

So we're at about the half-way point of this contest, and Tuesday could really be a TIPPING POINT for many of you.  Will you gain a coveted spot on the prize list, or will you trickle down and fade into obscurity?

(Don't get anyone wrong…. They are truly grateful for anyone who sent ANY traffic or made one sale – but this is a competition!!!)

More Examples:

People are really getting excited about this launch and as I said in an earlier email, I have never had so many JV partners contacting me wanting to get sign-up links so they can promote.


We are in the final hours to promote "your product name here?"

With more bonuses added, the site is converting like crazy!!!!!! 

Our JV contest ends at 12 Midnight EST – Tonight!!!  Some of you are very close to breaking into the Top 10....

For anyone who has added 150 front-end sales to what they had on Friday, you get your choice of a nice 52" LCD TV (Big Name Guru has won so far) or 30" Apple Monitor (Big Name Guru has won so far).


Entice JVs to Do a Bonus

In the Internet Marketing field, people buy from the person with the best bonus.  This has been proven over and over again.  I may not agree that this has become the best practice in the Internet Marketing game but it works and generates sales.

I guess the reason I agree is that it has gotten to the point that at times the product being promoted takes a back seat to the JV partners bonus offers they are creating.

But if you are purely driven by money and sales then encouraging the bonus war is something you will find yourself doing during any JV contest or product promotion you have going on.

A couple things you will want to do to encourage the bonus offers from JV partners are to;

  • Tell JV Partners what kind of bonus they should do.
  • Create individual videos for JV Partners to explain commissions, contests, products, and bonuses they can do that will complement the product you have created.

Promo Tips & Bonuses: Example

With about 4 days to go before the big launch, it is just about right time to start preparing your big bonus for the big day.  Here are few tips on how you can make huge commission from this event.

Leverage on the Biggest Firesale package to sell your next product.  You could give away your current/new/future product to 50 or 100 people who buy it through your affiliate link.  This way, you are leveraging on the firesale package as sort of 'bonus' to sell your product.  :)

Here are some of the things I heard that some of our friends will be doing:

- Throwing in their physical books and products as bonus

- Including a new product (with PLR) - get ghostwriter to do it

- Giving the next version of their product

- Coaching over Skype as bonus

Just use your imagination and if you need any help in coming up with a bonus offer please let me know and I will help you do some brainstorming.

Once you have your JV partners creating bonus offers, go back and tell your Partners that a lot of your other Partners are creating some amazing bonus offers, and that they may want to increase the value of what they were intending on offering as a bonus if they really want to win the competition.

This creates a big war to see who can out bonus offer the other.


Test and Re-Test the Entire Sales Process

As you get closer to actual launch day and time it is going to be of the utmost importance that everything is in place and working as it is supposed to.

Nothing is worse than getting to the big day of the launch and finding you have to postpone the launch due to things you forgot to test that are now not working.

This not only throws a big wrench into your day, but also may mess up JV Partners’ plans to promote for you.  Many JV Partners that have agreed to promote for you may only have that specific day open due to a busy schedule of other launches to really promote for you.

Postponing it one day or even hours many times results in lost help from JV partners and lost income from the sales they could have created for you.

It also will put a bad taste in their mouth that they will remember the next time you come around asking them for their help.

Do not make not testing and failure to launch on schedule a habit as it will be very detrimental to your online success.

Make sure everything is ready and working, and then still be ready for something totally unexpected to go wrong.

  • Set up the order processing system and test it
  • Set up & test the affiliate program (tracking must function correctly)
  • Check that download pages and all product download links are working.
  • Have follow-up emails ready to go and tested to ensure
  • Test all links you may have included to see that they are working.

Make sure you have others that are involved go through the process as well as a second pair of eyes that may pick up on things that you may miss.

Although delaying launches is not a good practice to get into, there are times that it may be necessary to delay a launch instead of going forward and having a major catastrophe on your hands like JV partners affiliate links not tracking correctly so they are not given the credit for the sales they make.

Use your judgment very wisely when making the decision to postpone or to move forward with your scheduled launch if things are not as they should be.

Some minor things can be changed during the launch process that will not be as great of a deal, such as working on the sales copy or sales video to help it convert better.

Launch Day

Okay, here is where the BIG BANG Theory comes into play. It is launch day and the time of the scheduled launch has come.

You have sent out the early notifications to the pre-notification list and let them know that the launch is live and ready for them to buy as you promised.

Your next duty after you see things are working properly during the pre-notification list being notified is to send an email blast out to your JV Partners:  “IT IS LIVE…GO, GO, GO!” 

JV Partners send out to their lists, same date, same time.

Now it is not time to take a break and set back and relax.  Now it is time for being prepared for anything that might come up that needs your attention.  Things that you should be doing during this time are;

  • Test, tweak, and track (be ready to alter things to maximize sales conversion)
  • Monitor the buzz and your promotion at all times; sign up to Google Alerts to hear about any topics related to your launch.  This might help you to head off any problems you are seeing new customers having, or to help you gather information that can be used to generate more social proof that will help your JV partners even do a better job at promoting.
  • Make sure shopping carts and affiliate programs are correctly tracking and functioning (check & double check)

Time to Motivate Your JV Partners

Remember to use the social proof once again with your JV Partners. 

Give updates on how much in commissions you are going to be paying out due the huge number of sales that all of the other JV Partners have mailed out already for you.

  • Send reminders to JVs about additional mailings
  • Send updates on the status of your JV Contest
  • Post regular updates on the JV Partner blog
  • Remember to thank them and congratulate them on their efforts even if they don’t make a single sale
  • Keep on top of JV partners and keep encouraging them to do exactly what they said they would do for you and that is promote hard.


I am not going to go into too much detail about the post launch period except to encourage you to not stop now.  You have momentum that you may have never experienced before at any time in the whole process like you have just experienced in the launch process.

Even if it did not go according to plan you still did it.  You created a product and took it through the launch process.

If it was a huge success then you are pumped and ready for more.  This is the time to begin the process again.  It is not time to relax  and enjoy the spoils of war.


Immediately after your launch begin to follow up with JV partners to thank and congratulate them again for all of their efforts and support during the launch process.

Make sure prizes and commissions to JV partners are awarded in a timely manner.  (Less than 30 days is preferable for paying out commissions or after the end of the refund period at the very latest.)

Follow up with customers to be sure they’re happy and work on getting testimonies to use for more social proof that what you have works and to help you build more credibility for you and your products and services.

Keep your momentum going and get ready to build on the success you just had.

Don’t just settle for being a one hit wonder!

Product Launch Summary

Having a great product is important….

Having great sales copy is important….

But above all of this, having a GREAT launch roll-out strategy is what will be the deciding factor of your results.

Build your launch up into an event and make a story out of it.

You need to catch people’s attention and then give them a reason WHY!

The single best thing about your first product launch is that it's just your FIRST launch.

You can take what you've learned and do it over and over again. And each time, it will get bigger and bigger. Soon enough, you'll be thinking about your own six-figure (or even seven-figure) launch

7 Steps To Product Launch Marketing Success

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