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Traffic Generation Strategies

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Every Online Business Needs Traffic

Traffic is one of the things every online business needs to succeed. Without traffic you literally can’t make any money online. There are many different ways to get traffic to your website. The key thing to being successful with your traffic generation efforts is to be consistent and repeat the steps that are working for getting you the traffic.

It is important to also note that just because you get traffic it doesn’t guarantee sales. So you need to focus on the traffic that converts into sales. The goal of this module will be to open your eyes to the many different ways you can get targeted traffic that converts to your website.

Just remember that if you truly want to succeed at getting traffic you will need to repeat these steps multiple times with your websites. You will learn several different proven methods of traffic generation. The more effort you put into getting traffic, the more traffic you will end up getting.

Google Analytics - Tracking Your Website Traffic


Before we jump into all of the different ways you can get traffic it is important that you have method in place to track your website’s traffic. This helps you identify where you should focus your efforts, and also gives you an idea of what keywords people are finding you for.

One of the most popular ways to track all your website activity is to use Google Analytics which is completely free for you. All you need is a free Google account and you can sign up at the link below.


Once you sign up you can put in your website and follow the on screen instructions to begin tracking your website visitors. You will need to place a small line of code in the HTML part of all of your websites or web pages in the footer so it tracks correctly. This process is very simple to do and you can use an HTML Editor like Kompozer to put in this line of code.

Google Analytics will tell you how many visitors your website gets, how many unique visits your site is receiving, what keywords they are finding you for, what websites are sending you the most traffic, how long your visitors are staying on your website and more. Knowing these things from the start will help you do better at generating traffic. For example you may find that EzineArticles.com is sending you 330 visitors per month so that may indicate that you should focus more efforts on creating articles on that site in particular that link into your main site.

Also, if you know how long your visitors are staying you can fix things with your copy to get your traffic to convert better for you which leads to more profits.

You can also track website stats from your web hosting Cpanel using tools like Webalizer and AWStats. You will have a Cpanel web host if you are using one of the more common hosting companies like BlueHost or HostGator.

2-TrafficStrategySo before you start getting traffic at least know how to track your website visitors. These free tools can help you do this. Also being able to see your traffic will help you stay motivated because you will see results from your efforts.Unique Visitors vs. VisitorsWhen you do start tracking your website statistics you will want to know the difference between unique visitors and visitors. A unique visitor is a different or new person that has actually visited your website in the past month and a visitor just counts all visits including return visits. A visit counts even if you come look at your site everyday. So that could mean 30 visits when actually there was only one unique visitor.I typically focus on getting unique visitors to know how many new people my efforts are producing. It is not a bad thing though if you get many return visitors. Sometimes it takes a few visits before they decide to buy from you or opt in to your mailing list.Now that you know how to track your website stats it is time to focus on driving that traffic using these proven methods.

Different Traffic Generation Strategies

As mentioned previously there are many different ways to drive traffic to your website. Here is a list of the methods we will discuss in this module.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Article Marketing
  • Online Press Releases
  • Forum Marketing
  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media & Web 2.0
  • Joint Ventures
  • Video Marketing

Keep in mind there are many more advanced traffic strategies, but these are the basics and if you took action on even part of these strategies you would see a huge traffic increase.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an extremely important part of traffic generation. This is where you determine what phrases you are going to focus on to get yourself the most traffic possible. Below you will find several traffic strategies laid out in detail, but none of them will work too well for you unless you are going after the right keyword phrases.

I am going to lay out a powerful free tool you can use to find the right keywords and another way you can find traffic for your niche.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This free keyword tool from Google literally is as powerful as many paid keyword research tools on the market and gives you an inside look at traffic numbers from Google. You can use this tool to see how much traffic keywords are getting in your niche, plus pull up a list of additional keyword phrases that you should focus your efforts and attention on. Here is a screenshot of the tool in action. You can go to it online by doing a Google Search for ‘Adwords Keyword Tool External‘ or by going to this link here: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal.


The first thing you do with this tool is put in your keyword phrase and then put in the characters to verify that you are human. Then hit the search button and wait for the results  to come back for you.


Next you will simply go through the data provided and try to come up with keywords that get a fair amount of searches per month and also keywords that don’t have huge amounts of competition.

To see how much true competition a keyword has you can do a search for it Google using this search phrase: ‘allintitle: golf swing tips’


You will see there are 19,200 competing sites in Google. You can also put the keyword in quotes, but that doesn’t give you a clear picture. The ‘allintitle’ search looks up only pages that are focused on the phrase in their title tags. As you will find out below in the part on SEO the title tag is extremely important to whether or not a site ranks in the search engines. So that tells you who your true competitors are.

A great number to look for is a keyword with under 10,000 competing sites and a keyword that gets around 2,000+ searches per month. You will want to focus on several keywords for your articles, videos, and other promotional methods.

So come up with some good keywords to focus your attention on because that will drive you forward. Just start by entering generic keywords related to your niche and go from there.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid search results. As you know if your website ranks on the first page of any search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing you will get a great amount of targeted visitors to your website.

SEO techniques involve ways to make sure that your site is fully accessible for search engines to gather the data they need. This lets them accurately place you in their database so people can find you when they search.

The two main components of SEO are on page and off page SEO. The on page SEO includes changes made to your website and off page is focused on getting back links to your website. Both play an important role on whether or not your site ranks high in the search engines.

On Page SEO

The main goal with on page SEO is to make your website or blog seem relevant to the search engines for the keyword that you want to get traffic for. To do this you will want to place your target keyword phrase in the title tag and in the content of your site. If you are not sure what this is you can find the title tag for your site or any site by simply looking at the text written above the address bar in your web browser (where you type in sites you are visiting online like google.com or ebay.com). We will talk about using this in content later.

For those on a PC it will most likely show up in the upper left corn of your browser and for those on a MAC it will show up at the very top in the middle. So make sure you take a look at your website or blog now to see if your target keywords are appearing in the title tag section.

Title tags are the single most important on page ranking factor out there. So it is vital that you get at least this part right. If you have a standard HTML website you can edit the title tag using a free HTML editor like Kompozer. In the source section you will see something that looks like the example below.

Your Keyword Rich Title

If you are using a blog platform like Wordpress you can edit the title tag by downloading the All-In-One SEO plugin and just following their steps to optimize the title of your blog and blog posts. You can also outsource the job of fixing the title tags for inexpensive through freelancing sites like ODesk.com, Freelancer.com, or Elance.com.

When creating your title tags keep in mind that singular and plural keyword phrases come up different in the search engines. For example:

Golf Clubs and Golf Club

Laptops and Laptop

Cars and Car

These produce completely different results. So in your title tag you may consider having both the singular and plural words to capture the most possible traffic and also improve the relevance of your particular page.

Here is an example of a good title tag:

Dog Collars - Find the Best Dog Collar for Your Dog

Weight Loss - Your Source for Weight Loss Tips

The exact main keyword phrase should be at the very beginning. Search Engines read left to right and put more weight on keywords that are further to the left because they indicate more of what that page is about.

In a moment we will talk about the importance of good keyword selection, but keep in mind you will get the best results if you choose keywords that are targeted to the type of visitor you want and also that you focus on keywords where you have a good chance of ranking. Like the phrase ‘weight loss’ is much more competitive than the term ‘weigh loss tips’.

Additional On Page SEO - Relevancy

Although the title tag is extremely important to your on page SEO and overall search engine rankings, there are still other things you can do to ensure you get the best result from your SEO efforts. You will want to place your keywords in your content, but make sure you don’t over do it here. It also helps if you make the titles of your articles, headlines, or main points in articles include your core keyword phrases in them.

This may seem very simple and against what you have been told about SEO, but really on page SEO is not as complicated as many want you to think it is. The goal with your content and site is to structure it so search engines find it relevant for the keywords you are trying to rank for. That is the name of the game for search engines as their goal is to return the most relevant and quality results to their users.

For example if someone is doing a search on Google for golf clubs they don’t want to be taken to a page about golf bags. If search engines quit returning relevant results than their users will go to another search engine. They make money by having users on their systems. So if you provide relevant and quality content the search engines will take an interest in you and give you bump in the rankings. You are helping the search engines and in return they will help you.

Quality Content

It is one thing to use your keywords in your content, but it is another thing to ensure that you have quality content to offer the search engines and your website visitors. Quality content helps you in multiple ways because it gets you more traffic and keeps your visitors on your site longer and coming back for more content from you.

So make sure the content you create is of higher quality. This means you want to try to make it unique, include bullet points, include lists, and research the content. When you include your keyword phrases try to use them in the opening paragraph and in the closing paragraph. Then consider using the keywords only where they make sense.

What About Keyword Density?

Now you are probably asking yourself the question above about keyword density and how this plays into this SEO stuff. Honestly it really doesn’t mean much anymore. What matters is that you include your keywords where they make sense and as often as they make sense to do that.

So many people get caught up in trying to “stuff” keywords into their content and the result is they get content that doesn’t sound very good when read back. So the content you use on your website or blog needs to be of good quality that includes your keywords in it.

Meta Tags or Meta Keywords and Meta Description

One other on page SEO change that you can make is with your meta tags or meta keywords and your meta description. These two things used to be much more important than they are now. Search engines don’t put as much weight on them as they used to. Now it is all about having keyword rich and relevant title tags, header tags in your content, and quality content based around your core keyword phrases.

It is something to do though because it takes minimal effort and can be done when you change the title tags either using the HTML editor or using the All In One SEO Wordpress Plugin. With SEO even if it gets you a slight advantage over your competition it is something you should do.

The meta keywords should just be a list of 3 or 4 relevant keywords. You don’t need a huge list here. Even just the keyword of the phrase you want to rank for will be sufficient.

For the meta description you just need a sentence or two that encourages people to read your content. So something like this would be good:

“Find the best deals on Calloway golf clubs with this truly insightful review.”

Here is what the meta keywords and meta tags look like in the HTML code of the website:




Off Page SEO - Backlinks

Off page SEO is basically just a fancier way of saying you need backlinks to your website. Nearly all well respected SEO experts seem to agree that on page SEO accounts for about 25% of the ranking and then off page SEO accounts for 75% or more of the final ranking. It is safe to say that having backlinks to your site will play a big role in getting you ranked higher than your competition in the search engines.

Even though you read above that off page SEO is much more important to where you rank than on page SEO, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the on page stuff. You need to have that element in place to ensure you get the most benefit possible from your link building efforts. So don’t try to cut corners here.

Cutting corners brings me to another valid point about getting backlinks that I want to ensure you understand. This is not an area where you want to cut corners either. It can be tempting to come across one of those online services or tools that claim they will submit your site to over 25,000 sites and search engines with a click of a button. Even though these tools may actually submit you to this many sites they are posted on sites that have a low value in the eyes of Google.

Where Can You Get Quality Backlinks?

One of the best places to go for quality backlinks is to first check out where and how your competition is getting links. You can do this by using a free online tool called Yahoo Site Explorer (https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/). This tool allows you to put in any website URL and it tells you where they are getting their backlinks from.

So what I would do first is run a Google search and take a note of the top 10 websites for the keywords you are trying to rank for. Once you do this you can open up Yahoo Site Explorer in your favorite website browser and input those URLs one at time. Then take note of the website they are getting links from because most of the time you can also get links from these places to.

These sites may include article sites, blog sites where you can leave comments, press release sites, link exchanges, or even web 2.0 sites like Squidoo or HubPages.com. You know these links are quality because the sites with these links are ranking in the search engines already.



Other Backlinks You Can Get

I just listed one place above you can go to find nearly an unlimited supply of good backlinks for your website, now I wanted to share some other ideas. Coming up in this traffic training I am going to share several additional sites you can use to get traffic. The benefits from these sites are multiple because they allow you to increase your backlinks plus give you exposure on high traffic sites.

These methods include article submissions to article directories, press release marketing, video marketing, forum marketing, social bookmarking, and social media & web 2.0. These are all powerful methods that get you direct traffic because they are on high authority sites plus give you the backlinks you need for higher search engine rankings.

Now we are going to discuss more about each of these traffic generating methods plus will be covering a few others. Remember the key thing with these methods is to make sure you take consistent action. For example you will get more benefit if you write 25 articles and submit them to 10 article directories than if you just wrote 5 articles and submitted them. That may seem obvious, but really generating traffic is not really hard, but it does take hard work, focus, and action.

So let’s discuss in more details some other traffic sources. Keep in mind these all work together to help improve your website’s overall search engine rankings. Higher search engine rankings will mean even more traffic! Now let’s turn on some traffic to your website!

Article Marketing

This is a traffic strategy that if used correctly can drive highly qualified and targeted leads to your business.

You can receive traffic from articles to your websites every single day, and the quality of the traffic that the articles can bring to your site beat most others sources – even the paid ones!

The cumulative effect of article marketing’s dynamic linking system results in:

  • Better search engine page ranking
  • More exposure, wider visibility
  • Expert and authority status in your niche
  • Ultimately increased traffic

What Is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is the process of creating quality articles centered around your niche and submitting them to article directories, other blogs, or web 2.0 websites. These sites allow you to provide a link back to your website. This concept will mainly center around using article directories, but keep your eyes open to any places online that you can submit your content to.

Common Article Marketing Mistakes

In order to be a successful article marketer it is important to know the common mistakes that cause people to not get the best results from their efforts. Here are some mistakes people make often with article marketing.

  • Poor article titles
  • Bad flow of your content
  • Too much information in your articles
  • Poor Bio Boxes
Mistake #1: Poor Article Titles

Article directories and other sites where you submit your content to are full of other articles competing for visitor’s attention, so to get the most views possible you need to have an article title that grabs your attention and also includes keywords in it so you maximize your search engine rankings.

A common mistake are boring article titles that are simply made up of keywords. You can do a combination of keywords and excitement and interest to get people to read your articles. Here is one good example:

10 Proven Ways To Make Make Money Online From Home

Improve Your Golf Swing In 5 Easy Steps

Notice I used specific numbers in my titles. It has proven many times that people like to read lists. If you look at Yahoo.com and browse through their top headlines you will most likely find article titles with lists in them or that grab your attention. Another site you can look at for good article titles is Digg.com. This site is made up of the most interesting articles of the day, and you can take note of the titles. Look at the top 25 articles and consider using a few of those as a template for making your own interesting titles.

This same strategy for finding good article titles works with blog posts as well.

Mistake #2: Bad Flow of Your Content

Another common mistake with article writing is having poor content flow. So this means you don’t want to just run a bunch of thoughts together. You want to have a good flow to your article so it is easy to ready. The easier your article is to read and understand, the more people you will get to go all the way with the content.

To understand content flow read articles on major news sites like CNN.com, Yahoo New, or Google News. Look for articles from the Associated Press as they really know how to captivate an audience. Most of the time your articles are good. Just read your articles out loud or look them over before you start to publish them online and fix areas that may be a hang up for people.

Tips to Get Your Articles Read

Here are a few more points to keep in mind to ensure your articles get read more and get you even better results.

  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Make use of numbers or bullets.
  • Use sub-headings to sub-divide your paragraphs in the article.
  • Provide an attention-grabbing title to get the most views possible.
  • Utilize figures or statistics where possible to keep them engaged.

Always proof read your article when you are done and see if it is something that you would read. If it passes the test than you have done your job!

Mistake #3: Too Much Information In Your Articles

This may seem like a silly statement after I just went on about the importance of having quality content. There is a difference between quality and quantity. A longer article doesn’t mean it is a better article necessarily. You can often times take a longer article and break it up into two or maybe three articles.

The reason you don’t want long articles is because the goal of an article is to get people to take action and click on your link at the end of the article. If your article gets too long than people will begin to lose interest.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your articles between 400 and 500 words each. If you are going well over that maybe turn it into two articles so you can maximize your total exposure.

Mistake #4: Poor Bio Boxes or No Promotion

This is one mistake that makes all of your article marketing efforts futile. If you spend time writing good content, with a good title, and you have a good flow you want to make sure people can take action and visit your website. So make sure you include a link in your author bio box which is provided by almost all article directory sites that you can submit to.

Further if you are submitting your articles to blogs or web 2.0 websites like Squidoo.com or HubPages.com it is important to always have a link or two going back to your website or at least your landing page so you can capture their name and email address to promote to them later on.

When you do write your bio boxes make sure that you give people an incentive to click through to your site. It isn’t enough anymore to just provide a link. So let your article readers know they will get something out of visiting your site. It could be a free gift they can sign up for, another good article, etc. So for example you could do something like this:

John Smith is an expert on the topic of improving your golf swing. To pick up 5 additional free tips on how to improve your golf game by this weekend visit him at www.johnsmithgolftips.com.

You will notice that I also made the phrase “improving your golf swing” a link. This is an example of a keyword rich anchor text link. These types of links carry even more weight than regular links. Most article directories let you have two links in their author bio sections.

Article Resource Box HTML Example

Now nearly all article directories will want you to provide an HTML resource box as well. Here is the HTML version of the resource box we used above.

John Smith is an expert on the topic of

improving your golf swing as quickly as today by visiting http://www.johnsmithgolftips.com">www.johnsmithgolftips.com

where you can download the free step-by-step video training series now.

Now this is the HTML link code so you can make any word into clickable text. Remember to try and make your main keyword be the clickable text. This is also commonly referred to as the anchor text.

Link text

Now let’s move onto more article strategies.

Using Keywords in Your Article Writing

Why use keywords in your article article writing?  The point is to be "found."  Internet users across the globe are searching for information as you know. Search engines are looking for good relevant content and many article directories are well liked by the search engines.

If you don't incorporate these words into your web content, the other guy will do this, and then your reader is lost in someone else's copy. The same ideas work here for writing keyword rich content for your website. You want to include your main keyword in the article title, in the opening paragraph, possibly in the closing paragraph, and wherever else it makes sense to use it.

Don’t get caught up in worrying about a perfect keyword density as there really isn’t one. Search engines care that the content is easy to read and your users appreciate that as well. The more sense your article makes the better off you will be with this.

Write Your Articles and Submit Them

Now that you have spent all this time writing good, quality articles it is important that you get them distributed online. Submitting the articles is where you start to see the traffic and the increased number of backlinks which help your search engine rankings.

Here is a list of some top Article Directories:

Do a search on Google for the term "Article Directory" and you will find many more that you can submit to. You may even want to outsource this task and pay someone else to submit your content to 100 sites or something like that. Just go to a site like www.ODesk.com. You can post a project there to find someone to help you submit content online.

Maximize Your Traffic Opportunities

Here are some simple methods and final thoughts you can use to truly get the most out of your article marketing efforts.

You will want to create as many articles as possible. Basically the more articles you can create and distribute the more traffic you can start to see.

Ensure you have keyword rich titles that have been researched so you know there is interest in those topics. Spend time on the article directories to see what articles are getting searched for or use the Google Adwords Keyword tool as well.

Have a good resource box that sends them directly to your website or landing page. If you  miss out on having links than you will miss out on all the traffic you could be getting. I mention this a few times because it won’t do you any good if you don’t link back to your website.

Article Marketing Weekly Plan of Action

If you are truly serious about taking your article marketing efforts to a new level I wanted to recommend a weekly plan of action that you can follow to ensure you are getting good, solid content out there to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Research keywords and subjects for articles.
  1. Make a list of 10-25 article titles.
  1. Start writing articles. (Use PLR)
  1. Submit articles to top 10 article directories.
  1. Ping Articles with pingomatic.com. (Submit the link where your article is live to PingOMatic.com).
  1. Bookmark Articles using socialmarking.com or sign up for an use www.onlywire.com. (We will cover social bookmarking later.)

  2. Repeat steps above each week.

The main point of article marketing or any kind of marketing is to be consistent in your efforts to see consistently positive results.

Social Bookmarking Your Content

One of the best ways to get your content indexed in the search engines is to use social bookmarking. Basically this is the method of sharing your content or links with other people on large web 2.0 sites. One of the more popular social networking websites is Digg.com.

It is basically a content sharing website so people can post interesting stories or content they found online to a wide audience. These sites get a huge amount of traffic typically and also can give your site additional backlinks which increases your search engine exposure.

One site you can use to find an updated listing of the top social bookmarking sites and services is www.socialmarker.com.

When you submit to a social bookmarking site it will ask you for a title and that is where you a put your keyword rich title of your article or piece of content you are promoting. Next it will ask for a URL or a link. This is simply the link to your article or piece of content. Sometimes they may ask for tags or additional keywords which is just words related to your topic.

A few sites will even let you put in a description of your content which can just be a sentence or two highlighting your content. Once you hit submit your content will go live almost instantly on these sites.

When using social bookmarking sites consider linking to your website, individual articles or blog posts on your site, and also do social bookmarking of your articles that you submit to article directories. This is one way to really get more from your article marketing efforts. Social bookmarking is just another tool in your arsenal to help you leverage the Internet for more free and targeted traffic.


Do social bookmarking often of your fresh content and you can even do social bookmarking of online videos as well.

Web 2.0 Sites

Another great source of backlinks that allows you to syndicate your content are web 2.0 websites. These sites are basically places where you can have two way communication with others. Blogs which allow commenting are also web 2.0 sites because it allows the reader to interact with the writer of the content.

A couple of really popular Web 2.0 sites that you can use for getting your content even more exposure and your site more backlinks are Squidoo and HubPages.

You can visit www.squidoo.com and www.hubpages.com for more details on these sites. The main objective is to submit your content to these sites and provide links back to your website within the content. One thing to be careful of is that HubPages, for example, only allows unique content to be distributed. So you would want to rewrite your article to fit what they want. The benefit is that with HubPages you can generate a lot of traffic and exposure for your website.

After you post your content on these websites you can social bookmark them using the methods discussed previously.

Another site you can use to find a huge listing of really updated web 2.0 sites to submit content to and leverage for more exposure and traffic is www.go2web20.net. Go2Web20.net is a site which updates with the latest sites out there. Not every site allows you to submit content to them, but most do in some way or another. Since this site always is changing you can use it to find the latest Web 2.0 Properties on the Internet.

Blog Commenting

Another proven effective way to promote your content is through blog commenting. Many people consider this an old strategy, but really it still works for generating backlinks and exposure.

The strategy is simple and involves you just providing your feedback on blog posts within the niche market you are targeting. So you can do a Google search for your keyword and blog to come up with the latest blogs in your market. Then simply visit those blogs, read the articles, and comment on them.

When you comment it is important that you use your name in the name section and don’t stuff keywords. That makes you look like you are spamming. Then you will want to provide your website link in the format of http://www.yourwebsite.com. Finally when you make your comment you want to sound legitimate like you read parts of the post. Maybe highlight a part of the content that you liked and mention that. You don’t want to say something generic like; “That was great!”. Try to be original and it will increase the chances that your comment is read.

You can go to Google Blog Search (http://blogsearch.google.com/) to easily find blogs in your market and find the latest posts so you can be the first to comment which means more people in that niche will see your comment and maybe even click on your link. You mainly do blog commenting for increased backlinks, but the additional exposure certainly can’t hurt you at all!


All you have to do is type in your niche in the search box and chose ‘Search Blogs’ to come up with the latest content from within your niche. You can also just look at getting general backlinks and exposure from other blogs by looking at the recent posts or hot searches on the right hand side.

When done right blog commenting can be huge for you! Consider adding backlinks not only to your site, but maybe to an article you have written to build up your article’s backlinks which means it will get more exposure and traffic.

Online Press Releases

As you know publicity is an inexpensive way to promote your website online and build major credibility for your particular site. Really any kind of exposure can help your website get in front of new prospects. Most Internet businesses forget about the power of publicity, and even more businesses don’t take note of the power of online publicity or online press release marketing.

A few well positioned press releases online can give your website more exposure in the search engines, add credibility to your business, build up your brand, help remove any negative publicity that may be lurking online, increase your incoming backlinks to your website, and ultimately help you get more customers.

When you can post information about your business in a high traffic area the only thing that can result ultimately is more traffic for you. This principal holds true with high traffic websites and press release sites are high traffic sources online that you can leverage to generate more traffic for your business.

When you submit or syndicate a press release online you can send it out to literally hundreds of press release sites if you want to. The more places you submit to the more benefit you will get. What I like about press releases is it does wonders for helping with branding. Since it is submitted to so many sites if you type in your business name after a press release is picked up in the search engines you will find a flood of results for your business. This results in making your business look important, plus it shows that your business seems to be active and thriving.


The Power of Positive Press Online

Sometimes businesses have some negative comments written about them online either from a customer misunderstanding or from a bitter competitor. You may never know where negative comments come up about your company, but there are solutions to calm the negative impact. Online press releases are sometimes used to again bring up more positive press about a business online and help overshadow tons of negative feed. 

One other major online press release benefit is that they provide incoming backlinks to your website. As you know backlinks are super important and help you rank higher in the search engines. So the more links you get to your website, the better chance you have of showing up higher in the search engines than your competitors. Each press release you submit online can provide a backlink into your website.

Finally, if you position a press release correctly it can rank in the search engines on the first few pages for your main target keyword phrases. Including your target keyword in the title of your press release can give you a shot at seeing your press release rank and get direct traffic and more customers for you.

So now that I have sold you on press releases you probably want to know what is next, right? You want to know how to write them, where to submit them, and everything in between to ensure your online press campaigns are the most effective.


What Is A Press Release?

As you more than likely know a press release is an announcement of an event, performance, or other newsworthy item that is issued publicly. What most small business owners don’t realize is how almost anything can be positioned as a press release online and used to generate yourself much traffic to your website, and potentially customers in your door.

Some ideas you could leverage to write a press release on include:

  • New Website Design
  • New Product Review
  • New Blog Post
  • An Opinion You Have
  • An industry statistic or change.

A press release just needs to have an angle.

Press Release Structure

The key thing with any press release you write is to develop your angle first. The angle is the topic of your story, and covers the importance of who, what, when, where, and why. The first paragraph will typically lay out your main press release point or your angle. In a little bit I will show you an example of an opening paragraph so you can see this in action.

After the angle is created you will want to create a newsworthy title for your press release that includes your keywords in it. Try starting with your targeted keywords and include the angle of the release in the title or headline if possible to ensure the best chance of it getting accepted by the press release sites.

Below are a few examples of good press release titles targeting different keywords:

Tulsa, Oklahoma Chiropractors Adjusting The City

Weight Loss Tips Website Creates New Free Ebook

Bird Watching Supplies Article Reveals Top 5 Must Have Items


After you create your angle and write the headline for your press release you need to create your introductory paragraph that lays out your press release point. This paragraph is the starting point for your release. As mentioned previously you cover who the press release is about (Example: your business), why you are writing the press release (Example: running a special sale), when the event runs (Example: Dates of Event), and how people can find out about it (Example: Website or Phone).

Below is an example of a press release opener.

“Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractors are hard at work adjusting the city of Tulsa and a new website has been launched to highlight a Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractor. The website, www.tulsaoklahomachiropractors.com, shares information and resources related to finding a good chiropractor for your next back or neck adjustment.”

I hope you take notice that this press release just announced a new website and really didn’t cover like a sale, employee hire, business event, etc. So hopefully you are beginning to see how you can position press releases to mean more exposure for your business online using any angle possible.

Now after the angle is created, the headline is written, and your opening paragraph is put together you will need to work on the body of the press release. This part includes 2 to 4 paragraphs. Typically the body of the press release just expands on the initial details covered in the opening paragraph.

So you can go into more details on the sale or more details on the features of the new website. Maybe talk about the reasons you hired the new employee. You can even talk about the location of the event in more detail, and things like that.

An easy way to create filler content is to come up with quotes that you can insert into these paragraphs as well. You can come up with a statement from yourself as the owner of the business that can be used here. It gives you a chance to maybe talk a little more about your business. I will show you a full sample press release below so you can see how the quotes are used.

Finally, you will conclude your press release with a closing paragraph or a call to action of some sort. This is the part of the press release where you give the readers a direct action. Most of the time this is to look at your website or call you. Since you are using this strategy to promote your website it will benefit you to put your website link, but if your business doesn’t have a website yet just have people call your business to find out more information.

Press Release Example Here

Now as promised below I have copied a complete press release so you can see how all of this fits together. You can even take this press release and use it as a template if you would like. The example below is for a local business, but obviously could be changed to reflect a business in any niche market. The key thing to do is try to incorporate these elements into your press release, and use this as  guide to writing them.

-----------------Begin Sample Press Release-----------------

Tulsa, Oklahoma Chiropractors Adjusting The City

Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractors are hard at work adjusting the city of Tulsa and a new website has been launched to highlight a Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractor. The website, www.tulsaoklahomachiropractors.com, shares information and resources related to finding a good chiropractor for your next back or neck adjustment.

“Our goal with this website is to give website visitors access to a variety of information and resources related to finding and choosing the best Chiropractor in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” said the owner of the website. “We understand that everyday increasingly people are going online to find information and find chiropractors in Tulsa, so we created this resource for them.”

The site features a new design that allows for an easy way to find information and resources that will help in finding a reliable chiropractor in the Tulsa area.

The owner of the site also pointed out that a new article will be coming online soon that discusses the common myths people have with chiropractors. “Rumors and myths about chiropractic care has been floating around for years, and so hopefully this article will help shed some true light on this topic.”

He mentioned that some of the myths people have are related to the safety of neck adjustments and the fact that people think you have to seek care for the rest of your life if you have a back issue. These concerns and more will be covered in the new article to be posted soon.

For further details on finding a good, reliable Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractor can be found online at www.tulsaoklahomachiropractors.com.


-----------------End Sample-----------------

Submitting Press Release Online

Now that you have created a press release to promote your business online the next vital step is to submit that press release. There are literally hundreds of places online that you can submit your press release to which helps you build backlinks and increase your exposure which is so vital to your success with online marketing.

Here is a list of 5 free press release websites. This list is always changing, so I will also give you some searches you can run on Google which will bring back hundreds of free press release websites that you can submit to.

Now below I have a screenshot of a basic press release website so you can see the basic layout of most press release submission sites. On each site you are looking for something that says “Submit Press Release” or something like that. Once you click on that you will typically need to register for the site with your name, email, and other basic information. Once you do that you just follow the instructions to copy and paste your press release onto the website.


As mentioned above you can also use Google to find even more press release sites to submit to online. Below are the common search strings I will put into Google to find all the press release sites I submit to currently.

  • “free press release distribution”
  • “submit press release”
  • “press release submission”
  • “free press release website”
  • “submit press release free”

Take a look at this screenshot for an example of a Google search you can run to find press release sites to submit to.


Press Release Promotion Conclusion

The best thing you can do with this strategy is submit your press release to as many online press release sites as possible to maximize your results. If you can create a release that you submit to 20 websites, just think of the additional exposure you would get by submitting to 50 websites. It can be a big difference.

This method is simple, but time consuming. Make sure you focus in on this method to get the best results possible.

Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is another powerful strategy for driving a lot of targeted visitors to your website, and is something that can really help you stand out online from your competition. Video hosting sites like YouTube are among the most visited websites online, and people are starting to spend more time watching online video than they do actually watching regular TV.

Not only can video marketing help increase your traffic by showing up in the search engines, but also it can easily be a fabulous viral marketing tool. A well done video can get passed around multiple times online and shared with friends through other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

As is the case with press releases it is typically free to promote your video online as the video hosting sites like YouTube want your content because it helps them get more visitors to their website. The more visitors they get the more advertising they can sell, so they want to see your video succeed because it helps them succeed. The only thing it will cost you is a little bit of time as I am going to outline a simple process you can follow to start creating videos online to promote your site.

Videos Can Be Simple

One of the biggest reasons online business owners do not start using online video in their marketing is because they feel videos are difficult to make. Another common misconception with video is that you need to hire a full video production company and spend thousands of dollars to get any benefits from video marketing efforts. Really this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can literally make a good online video in under 5 minutes and it won’t even take special software. Here are some examples of some basic videos that you can create that will get the job done for you online.

Picture With Audio

For this style of video you can just have a screen shot picture of your website as the background with an audio of your voice talking about your website or niche market. You can use a free software program called Audacity to record your voice with either the built-in microphone on your computer or with an external USB microphone.

The audio only needs to be 20 to 30 seconds of you talking about your website, explaining what you do, possibly talking about what makes your business unique and sets you apart from the competition

Slideshow of Pictures With Music Background Loop or Audio

This simple video format is similar to the first one, but you have more pictures which look more like a slideshow. It takes a little more time to make this style of video, but can be more appealing because of the motion on the screen. You can also do this video without even having an audio of you talking about the business. You could find a royalty free music background loop and just do a

basic slideshow of pictures that are taken of your website, your logo, maybe your niche market, and things like that.

Using the free Windows Movie Make Software or the free iMovie Software for Apple computers you can easily import pictures and create slideshow pictures set to music with the background.

Always make sure your closing slide and possibly your opening slide has your website address on it along with a phone number if that fits for your business. The key is that you want to get as much exposure as possible for yourself.

Digital Camera Video

This style of video is the most personable and probably the simplest one to do. All you have to do is get someone to record you talking about your website for 30 seconds to one minute. Just make the video personable and tell people why they should visit your website and how they can reach you.

You don’t need any expensive cameras for this. You can use a basic digital camera that allows for videos (most do nowadays), a cell phone with video capabilities, a flip video camera, or you can use a web cam that is on your laptop or something like that. The only thing you want to be sure of is that you shoot the video in a well lit area so you can be seen better on the video. If your face is dark when you record maybe use an office light and shine it on your face while you talk. Again, nothing fancy here.

If you really can’t find someone to record the video for you, than just hold the video out in front of you and do the best to keep it steady. Ideally you would have someone record you, but I really don’t want to over complicate this step.

Screen Capture Video With PowerPoint Using Articles

This method is great because it lets you get even more use out of the articles you are creating for your blogging or article marketing efforts. All you do is take the article and convert it into PowerPoint slides. If you don’t have PowerPoint or don’t want to pay for it, than you can download a copy of OpenOffice which is completely free and gives you a free version of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

You take your articles and turn them into a bullet points like you see on most presentations. Then all you have to do is just read the content as you rotate through screens. A blank white background with black text overlay will be sufficient, but you can also play around with the different color schemes and fonts offered by PowerPoint or OpenOffice.

Consider adding animations to keep people’s attention on the video content longer as well. On the footer of each slide insert your website’s link. Make sure it is the website that corresponds with the offer you are promoting. Just like article marketing the more of these you can do the better off you will be.

Every article you produce or write including PLR articles you have could be turned into an online video for marketing.

For recording this you can use your computer’s built-in microphone, but may want to consider using a low cost USB headset from Amazon.com or something. The Logitech USB headsets seem to be the best quality for the right price. This can be something you wait on though until you make a few videos and start to see some revenues from your traffic efforts.

Video Creation Tools

Below is a list of several tools that you will need to create videos including links to a free and a paid screen capture program so you can create the best videos possible!

  • Windows Movie Maker – Free Video Software
  • iMovie – Apple Free Video Software
  • Sony Vegas – 30 Day Free Trial Inexpensive
  • CamStudio Free Screen Capture – camstudio.org
  • Camtasia Screen Capture – camtasia.com
  • PowerPoint or Open Office Version
  • USB Microphone Headset
  • Basic Web Cam or Digital Camera
  • Audacity Audio Software
  • Royalty Free Pictures
  • If you are looking to add pictures into your videos than you need to consider using Royalty free pictures. Below is a list of a few sites that offer free royalty free pictures and another one that gives you great pictures that are pretty inexpensive really. Just read the terms with each photo before you use them. Most allow you to use them for commercial videos, but a few don’t.
  • sxc.hu
  • freedigitalphotos.net
  • pdphoto.org
  • istockphoto.com (paid)
  • Royalty Free Audios
  • Just like royalty free pictures, royalty free audios give you music loops or songs you can use to spice up your videos! Just download and use them in one of the recommended video creation tools mentioned above and you are good to go!
  • partnersinrhyme.com
  • opsound.org
  • Royalty Free Background Loops
  • These give you that cool background affect you see on most videos. Some of these are free and let you use them to create all the videos you want!
  • ignitemotion.com


Submitting Your Videos Online

Now that you know how to record your videos it is time to submit them and start profiting from the traffic they can send you. First you will want to research keywords using the Google Adwords Keyword tool talked about previously.

Next here are the steps you will take to make sure your video goes live:

  • Create a title for your video using the keywords.
  • Write a short description of your video.
  • Write out the tags you will be using for your video. This is the keywords your video focuses on. Use quite a few here as the more you have the better.
  • Save this into a Word Document or a notepad file so you can copy and paste to the video hosting sites.

Video Hosting Sites to Submit To

Video Marketing Plan of Action

Having a solid plan to start with for video marketing is key to ensuring you go out there and start profiting from this powerful strategy.

You will want to use keyword research and identify 20 keywords that you could create a video around, or just take 20 articles that you have already researched and written.

  • Create 20 short videos using the strategies discussed in this presentation.
  • Create titles, descriptions, and keyword tags for each video and save in a note pad file.
  • Start uploading the videos to the hosting sites.
  • Repeat this process until you see some nice traffic.

Just like with any other traffic method video marketing takes time to do, but it can surely pay off for you in the result of more traffic. Make sure you are focusing on keyword targeting when you submit your videos to get the most benefit possible.

Forum Marketing Methods

Forums can be an excellent source of targeted traffic. Many people will argue and try to tell you that this method is out dated, but in reality it seems to be just getting better for you. Forums are basically where the people in your niche are hanging out so you can profit by being there where they are.

With forums and online communities you can use your signature as a way to promote your website whether it is for your own product, an affiliate site you have, or a landing page to build up your list. These links also increase your link popularity which helps with overall search engine rankings.

With backlinks attached to your signature name, readers can instantly be guided to your site and thus increasing your traffic.

Best Forum Practices:

  • Find Forums in Targeted Niche
  • Register In Forum
  • Read the rules
  • Setting Up Your Forum Profile
  • The Intro Post
  • Provide Value by Answering Questions
  • Post Threads with Useful Information
  • Replicate This Strategy

Just like anything else you do online to promote your website it takes effort to get the results you want. So duplicate your efforts to get the best results possible.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are considered by most to be the number one method for generating traffic. This has been discussed more in depth in a previous module, but it is extremely powerful for you. If you are looking for huge influx of traffic for a new product or offer that you have, than joint ventures are the way to go.

If you can manage to do it properly, this can be a great long term strategy for a steady source of traffic and sales.  It is the biggest, fastest, most powerful system I can think of to generate traffic.

Here are the keys for being successful with this strategy:

  • Make sure that you have an excellent product.
  • Have your site ready to go when you ask your JV partner to promote for you.
  • Start out by asking them how you can help them first.

Traffic by affiliates is a great way to go because you don’t pay anything unless they refer a sale for you. Joint ventures can also grow your optin list at lightning fast speeds which is huge for you!

Traffic Generation Conclusion

As you can see there are many different sources and methods of traffic for you websites. The key thing is to do the steps to get traffic outlined above and repeat those steps to keep getting your traffic up. Remember it all starts with good keyword research first.

There are many other methods you could use including paid traffic, Facebook, Twitter, even more advanced SEO, and more. Use these methods first and then look at scaling up to get more traffic. Just constantly monitor your results as you move forward and have fun getting your traffic!

Remember every successful online business has traffic!

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