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Want a More Profitable Online Business? Then Increase Your Web Traffic

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, use the following ways to make your site more visible and marketable.

10 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic for Free

* Advertise your website.

Advertising your website involves several steps in marketing your product or service. These may be constantly promoting your site whenever possible, posting banners on your site, running Facebook ads, generating ads on someone else’s website, etc.

* Give out promos and freebies.

No, you don’t have to use the same freebies that other companies provide like appliances or gadgetsYou’ll definitely increase the number of visitors to your website by giving away e-books, downloadable software, or screensavers.

* Post useful and optimized articles.

More often than not, people use the Internet to look for some information. With that, you’ll need to provide the kind of information they are looking for. Post your work on your website and watch your website traffic upsurge instantly.

* Create articles for other people’s newsletters.
This is a very powerful method. Subscribe to the best newsletters related to the niche you want to dominate. After observing what the newsletter offers, create an article and contact the owner asking him to post the article in his newsletter or site. Make sure to add the URL of your newsletter in the signature under your name.

* Create banners for your website.

Creating banners to advertise your website is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase traffic. You can produce catchy, innovative banners that could convey your invitation for people to visit your website. Spread the banners over your blog and/or use them along with your ads.

* Exchange links with other websites.

Look for similar websites that contain topics related to your site. Then ask the owner to trade links with you so that you’ll help each other in increasing web traffic. Or as suggested above, write an exclusive article and ask from the website owner to use it as he wants.

* Create a Facebook group

As any Internet marketer would know, forums are an interesting way of attracting people to your website. Naturally, people love to talk about various issues surrounding them. You can tap this by organizing discussion threads on your website. Today Facebook gives you a solution since you do not have to install any forum software or pay a fee for running a forum. Just create a Facebook group and have people interacting inside. Do mention the URL of your site in the description of the group and also direct members to specific pages through your posts.

* Optimize images in your website.

Using and optimizing images posted on your website is a great way of increasing traffic directed to your website. When Internet users look for a specific image using Google Images, they’re also likely to visit the website from where the image came from. And if your website’s image reaches your potential customers, you can increase your website traffic sooner than you thought.

* Make sure that you’ll have a short and catchy URL.

Your domain name and URL should readily reflect the kind of services and products you are providing. You need a catchy domain name people can remember easily and of course they can easier remember a one or 2-word domain name instead of a meaningless long URL.

* Turn your products into a single package deal.
People usually love products that come in a single set, rather than those sold individually. That said, you can take advantage of this by offering. With this, you’ll not only increase your website traffic, but you’ll turn ordinary website visitors to actual buyers of your products or services.
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